Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Keribop IS ZUMBA.

I'm back at Rider! And I do confirm the fact that I have been neglecting my blogging. I actually said to my roommate earlier today that she needs to remind me to blog. Nicely enough she DID remember and here I am!

What can I say about being back? It's amazing. I'm pretty sure I've stated it before but Rider is the best decision I've ever made in my LIFE. The atmosphere is like nothing even remotely close to Garfield and (although Garfield will always have a special place in my heart) nothing can beat my college home. My friends, my dorm (Switlik 3rd floor C-wing = LOVE), and just the campus itself never fails to make me completely elated. I'm aware that I sound like a toolbag raving about how much I love it here when I know for a fact that many people are not Rider's biggest fans but that's OK. Rider makes me happy, ultra happy. KTHNX.

So the SRC has classes and I've usually only looked at them but never actually went to one. Today, however, my life has been changed! Today a bunch of my girlies and myself ventured to a ZUMBA class. Let me tell you right now, it was the AWESOME. The instructor was this crazy woman who kept making us yell at random times throughout the workout like we were at some wild party or something. The class itself is kind of a trick because you're doing all these dance moves so you don't even know you're working out! After the hour was over we were all sweating buckets and kept shouting, "ZUMBA!" I can see why the classes are so popular! The only thing that sucks is that the class is only offered ONCE a week on Tuesday nights but we'll make due with what we have!