Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Whole Foods virginity has been taken!

I was up at 6:30 this morning... isn't that fabulous? See I thought it was going to be impossible for me to wake up but I was up and about like it was nothing at all! Not too surprising I suppose considering I've always been a morning type of person so it was OK! The reason I was up so early was because my mom brought home a challah from work and it's been going awfully stale just sitting on the counter with no one eating it. I decided, in an attempt to save the challah, to make some cinnamon french toast for my niece! It came out well I think, I went stupid and only allowed myself a small piece with some strawberries. Impulsively I stricted and I feel really guilty about giving in so easily, it was a punishment sort of thing as a matter of fact. I might as well admit this also, I broke my days count again. It was minor though but still, I was doing so well..... Just got to keep trying I suppose.

I'm actually in no mood to be, well, in a bad mood right now! Today was definitely a bright and shiny kind of day! For one thing, someone bought one of the books I posted on and I made $20 for a book my dad found in the garage! I then decided to finally trudge to CVS and take advantage of that 10 bars for $10 deal! Let me tell you, it was well worth it... like a good girl I've provided a few pictures of my purchases (keep in mind though that it's cell phone quality.... not exactly the best!)

My 10 bars that I am SO EXCITED to have in my possession! I bought 4 Larabars (cherry pie, apple pie and two peanut butter), a Luna bar (Nutz Over Chocolate), a strawberry SoyJoy bar, a caramel nut Kashi roll bar (I've read some fabulous things about this one!), a strawberry yogurt Zone bar and two Kashi Go-Lean Crunch bars (chocolate almond and cinnamon coffee cake). This purchase alone made my entire day but then I was treated to my first ever trips to WHOLE FOODS!!! FINALLY!!!!! I have no words for how amazing that place is! Granted I was a tad overwhelmed so only made 5 purchases but before I go back to Rider? Boy howdie I will be buying some EPIC things!

There must have been at least 12 different varieties of Larabars! I had to buy the KEY LIME PIE and PECAN PIE ones because, well, I love pie! Heehee. Along with those I also made the purchase I've been wanting to make since I started reading food blogs back in October....

I saw the jar and immediately bought it without any doubt in my mind! This morning I added it to my morning oats instead of peanut butter (I still love my PB though <3)>

I also bought some B-12 energy packets that give a boost of energy when you add it to water, juice, etc. and a bag of soybeans!! My sister used to make them ALL THE TIME so it's kind of a throwback buying them. I've always been a fan though, the more vegetables the merrier!

The place is pricey (Whole Paycheck anyone?) but I think certain things are worthy the extra money if it's going to result in feeling fuller longer and not to mention a general healthier meeee! Essentially that is the long term goal so Whole Foods has given me another reason to smile. Kind of silly I admit but I think as a food obsessed kind of girl I'm allowed to feel that way!