Saturday, December 26, 2009

A poem for your thoughts? Good grief.

Hellooooooo everyone! My internet has gone all wonky so I'm not going to post anything too detailed right now. However, I feel the absolute need to post this poem that I wrote about HIM. Don't ask me why, it just feels right. Hahahaha, granted it's lame but it works.

Oh and P.S. @ Jess. Your comment was, without a doubt, one of the NICEST comments I have ever received in my life. Thank you, SO SO SO MUCH for the kind words and I definitely hope to be having little commenting battles back and forth via blogs =D

And now.... the lame-o poem. Enjoy!

There’s nothing you have that I want anymore

Equal perspectives?

Not at all.

I saw love.

You saw friendship.

Only an apple and some lettuce.

10 pages due the next day

Your meticulous blinking and hazel eyes convinced me to help

Not that I needed much convincing

How did I write that?

I never even read the “The Hours”

Always good to have an English major as a friend

7 cups of coffee each and an all-nighter

It got done.

Basking in accomplishment

I didn’t feel used

I felt loved

You hugged me when it was finished

Mrs. Dalloway and Virginia Woolf as the only witnesses

Trapped in a repetitious paperbound cage

Yelling to me

Muffled screaming

It’s all a bunch of lies

He USED you.

It’s OK girls

I know he did


One of the best papers I’ve ever written

Drunk and crying on the bathroom floor

No really, it’s OK for men to cry.

Let it out.

Yes, of course you’re talented.

No, you’re not allowed to drive home.

Yes, we can go to a diner.

I’ll drive.

Pancakes at 5AM

Genuine and impervious

Drunken banter

Mouthful of pancake

You slur

You know I love you, right?

I should’ve spit my coffee in his face

Back home at 6 AM

Bad habits don’t die very easily

Bye bye pancakes.

Typical summer night

Smoking a cigarette and staring at the stars

Waiting for your call like a complete sap

I’m the sap


1 AM you finally call, drunk again


A threesome you say?

Not what I wanted to hear

You trust me though

Enough to talk about something like that

Sex details for a good friend

More than willing to kiss and tell

Telling me is nothing out of the ordinary

Oh right

I forgot

We’re just good friends

The fights

Instilled in my heart, permanent to the very last word

I still fixate on them

You ignore every feeble attempt I made to speak

Tagged teamed me

Some sort of intervention

No, I didn’t toss you to the side like a piece of garbage

You’re too important to me

You KNOW I love you.


Things could be a lot worse

It’s not that bad

I’m not going to die

There is no heroic feat to be done.

Egotistical bastard.

My world does not need saving.

Put your god damn cape away.

What happened to the person I fell in love with?


Kind of like the pancakes.

We need a break?



A break from what?

No, I don’t need help.

You blink

What did you eat today?

Go fuck yourself.

That’s it.

5 months later.

Concentrated on myself

Therapy, lots of it

Freshman year debachery is all I have left of you



My priorities are straightened

My problems are fixed.

No more robotic responses.

You wouldn’t believe me even if we still talked.

For real.

Yes please, I’d love a sandwich.