Sunday, September 20, 2009

G-field, Rider, back to G-field and back to Rider again. Confused? I would be.

Late night blogging. Got a TON of stuff to say but it's already midnight and I have to get up super early tomorrow to go back to Rider!

"Isn't she at Rider already?" you may ask, well, I ended up coming back to G-field (after only 3 weeks of being gone!) It was a very wedding planning kind of weekend; the main reason I came back was to go wedding dress shopping with Cate, Shan, my niece and my mom. I guess you could say it was something of a surprise for Cate and it's been a pretty good weekend to say the least.

More detailing will come tomorrow for sure. I've got a bunch of food reviews to put up... ahem, someone may or may not have gone to Whole Foods yesterday :P

So yes, tomorrow I shall be back and there shall be lots of good ole' information and PICTURES! You know, because as I've said before, everyone loves pictures! Hahahaha.
It's a Russell Brand doll.... who would've thought eh?
Nighty night everyone =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Product review! (just like a REAL foodie!)

Bonjour blogworld! Classes are back in action and I think my brain is reentering the "RIDAH U!" mindset.

Purchase review time!!!! A couple days ago, during a group visit to Target I found something that I've been wanting for quite the qwhile.

The Nike+ iPod Sport Kit!!!! I was SO excited to have actually spotted it and bought it on the spot. My pedometer from Walmart had been quite loyal to me for the past month or so but I knew I needed something more. OK, so it wasn't like completely impulsive; I've been reading up on this for 2 weeks. One of the only reasos being because MY Nikes happen to be one of the types compatible for such an attachment.

It's very simple to use. You put the tiny sensor (the size of two nickels laying flat side by side!) in the underlining of the left sneaker (there's a space for it) and then you click in the iPod attachment and you're done! A new section shows up on your iPod and you just navigate it to your preference from there.

So far I've gone through 5 runs with it and I'm extremely pleased. I'm able to upload my runs to and it keeps them all nice and organized, something I'm not too exactly awesome at doing. My pace and length of time and all that is included as well. As of now, it's a good investment but for long term purposes? I wouldn't recommend it. The main downside to it is that the battery isn't replaceable in the shoe sensor so it has to be replaced after a certain amount of time. For a college kid, I say this is a good thing to have. If you run a lot of races or just long distance in general, invest in something more durable (Garmin anyone?) For now though, Nike makes me happy!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

College kid, hardcore.

As promised, I'm back once again for my better blogging bonanza! (say THAT five times fast)

I'm currently watching all these people unpacking their cars and moving back into the dorms. It's really weird to watch actually, mainly because I never would've expected that I wouldn't be one of them this year. As much as a pain in the ass this week was, it was definitely worth it. My room in Switlik is everything I could want it to be! Want proof? Look no further =D
The pictures are in the wrong order, whatevs. This is my closet... fairly organized and I have my handsome friend Erik to guard all my stuff for me like he's done for the past two years. Hahahaha.
MICROWAVEEEEEEE!! I probably shouldn't be that excited about it but the more I think about it, the possibilities are endless! I already made a bitchin' bowl of oats! Alas though, we can't forget about the fridge, the Brita and Mr. Coffee; they're all very important to the room dynamics as well.

My desk...already covered in stuff. I haven't even started classes yet. Ahem, if you look in the bottom right hand corner you'll spot my new Nikes in their adorable glory.

Hi bed hiiiiiii! I like being by the window, I can creep on everyone who walks by! Er, um, I mean... I can watch the beautiful sky and, uh, trees. Heh.

No, in all seriousness I'm really digging the setup this year. I can't explain it but I just feel so at home... it's kind of like things are slowly falling back into their proper places. That's my optimistic self putting her two sense in.

Random side note, I finally broke out a container of plain chobani. Now, I've never been much of a "plain yogurt" type of person under any circumstances. When I eat yogurt, I like some sort of underlying flavor; vanilla, strawberry, anything! But, like many other things in my life, I have the women of the blogworld to thank for losing my plain yogurt virginity. HAHA. When I made my bitchin' bowl of oats (mentioned earlier) I threw about half the container of plain chobani in it along with half a cut up peach, some Kashi GoLean and almond butter. Verdict?

I loved it! Duhhh, as if there was ever any reason to doubt the blogworld in the first place? I could taste the yogurt itself but it added a really nice creaminess to the oats. I mean, these ladies throw plain greek yogurt all over everything and I was scared to put it in my oatmeal! I'm glad I did though. Now that I know how awesome of an addition it is I think I could work my way up to using it as a replacement for sour cream and many other things in general. The blogworld has saved my life again! They're like a bunch of superheroes.......


You know, just in case anyone was wondering what one of my goals for the year will be.

Oh, the bathroom crisis. It's not really that big of a deal but it SUCKED none-the-less. Yesterday, I got up nice and early, ran an easy two miles on the treadmill (with NO PAIN!!!) did some more leg strengthening and was all set to take a nice shower when I got back to Switlik. So I go to put the code in and... it doesn't work? Hmm, maybe I didn't do it right. Try again. Still doesn't work. OK, I'll come back. Came back 5 minutes later, tried 10 more times... still didn't work. Basically, repeat that process 3 more times. Needless to say, I WAS NOT HAPPY. I had to go to PHOCUS in a short time so I didn't have time to run all over the building looking for an RA. Thank God for Wet Wipes. Yes, like a true, true college student I used Wet Wipes instead of a taking a shower.

Gross, I'm aware. Luckily one of my fellow PHOCUS members is an RA in Switlik so I got him to find out the new code for me. And it wasn't until later that night did MY RA decide to come by and be like, "Oh, the codes changed be-tee-dubs." THANKS. Either way, I know the code now, I helped out some girls that didn't know the code and life is content.

I'm heading out now to do some STUFF shopping with Kat and Laura. Hopefully I'll get some fun stuffs!

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Your mother is aardvark!"

Tomorrow morning there will be a full on update of my Rider life, PHOCUS and everything associated (even my mini-bathroom crisis!) I'm too tired to do it now though, just finished watching Labyrinth with some of the ladies and I will say this. It was HYSTERICAL.
Um, need I explain more? =D

I bid thee good night, let this guy wander around in your dreams!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I did manage to enjoy myself. Amazing!

Sigh, I'm still sick. Obviously I wasn't thinking I was going to get better overnight but excuse me for being a big whiny face about the whole thing. Granted, I do feel a bit better but not by much. Sleeping from 9PM to 10AM wasn't a horrible thing though ;)

Oooh, my ear just popped and it was nice. Hahahaha. TMI perhaps but everyone must agree that when your ears are clogged you just WANT them to pop.

Brief ADD moment. Forgive me. The rest of yesterday ended well, or at least as well as a day full of being sick could end! I ended up getting out of rehearsal at 6:50 which was quite lovely. Went back to my room (?) and just tried to ignore the fact that I felt like complete crap. I had bought the latest issues of "Women's Health" so I read that from cover to cover, listening to my iPod, munched on an apple I threw into my bag and began crocheting my next HP scarf. It was chill but once 9 o'clock hit it was "GOODNIGHT!" for me.

I had a kick ass salad for dinner last night though! I decided to take a cue from the previous post featuring the "immune system boosters". On my plate I had mixed greens, chickpeas, green peppers, roasted red peppers (I never knew how GOOD they were!), mushrooms, cucumbers and a Rider burger, all topped with a bit of balsalmic dressing. OK, so I have my doubts as to the "lean-ness" of the Rider burger but zinc is still zinc! Haha, or at least I'm trying to tell myself that.

Oh, AND I also finished up my meal by having a some green tea with lemon which DID make my throat feel better! SUCCESS!

Right now I'm a hungry, hungry hippo but I'm waiting for Kat to finish up all her errands and then it's Dalys land once again!

And for the record, it appears that because Switlik had all the air conditioners put in and such that we're all going to be able to have MICROWAVES. CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW AMAZING THAT WOULD BE?!?!?!? I still need to ask around to officially confirm it but let me tell you, I've got my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 least I have my crocheting.

Blogging in the Rider library? Now THAT'S snazzy. Not really snazzy if you know the entire backstory as to why I'm sitting here typing while listening to a bunch of incoming freshmen attempting to figure out how to work the printer. It's a funny story.

And by funny, I mean NOT AT ALL.

One of the privalages of being a member of PHOCUS is the right to move in early. This is kind of a big deal if you've ever had to move basically everything you own into a room along with over 1000 other people. Let's just say it's a HUGE pain in the ass. So Sunday night I packed up everything I could find, he 'rents and I loaded up the truck and Monday morning I arrived at my homeland! Sounds simple right? Yeah, no.

I'm fairly annoyed with the whole thing so I'll just summarize it. I can't move into my actual room until Wednesday night so my parents had to take EVERYTHING back home in the truck. I have nothing with me (laptop, books, food) so I'm just trying to pass the time as quickly as possible until Wednesday. If it is true that I'm allowed to move in then my parents are coming BACK at 7 PM.

The other annoying factor about this? Apparently I wasn't on the list of "early arrival students" and had to wait until, surprise surprise, 7 PM for a room to live in it. I'm just hoping that this is a true fact and by Thursday I'll be settled, content and full of happiness!

For the record though, it doesn't help that I mysteriously got SICK upon arrival here! Anyone who knows me can vouch for me when I say that I NEVER GET SICK. EVER. Over the course of last year, as I began exercising more and eating well, my immune system seemed to boost itself. However, my exercising has decreased (flashback to the millions upon millions of leg problems I've had) so perhaps I just have to build it back up?

Hmm, according to a Google search I just did, five foods that increase the immune system include:
  • Lean beef
  • Orange vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.)
  • Black/green tea
  • Yogurt
  • Mushrooms
Well, now THAT would explain a lot. No wonder I was never sick! I think once I re-adjust to my "healthy Rider self!" everything will be fine.

I'm off to Dalys because I have rehearsal at 5:30! Rehearsal from 1 to 4 just wasn't enough apparently. Ohhhh, Rider, you're lucky I like you =)