Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Honey Sunshine, rainbows and... Domo? What the hell kind of post is this anyway?

A good one, that's what kind!

Whoa, overly dramatic much? Nevertheless, I'm here to give a proper update as to my life that is Rider University. There's a lot to mention so I'm going to attempt to keep it as entertaining as much as I can!

A rainbow? What a perfect way to begin! You can imagine my excitement when looking out the window and spotting this beautiful creation of Mother Nature just chillin'. You know, being pretttyyyyy. I took thousands of pictures (by that I mean 8) and it brightened my day to no end!

Let's move to the food situation, my favorite part! On the picture front I'm kind of lacking but I'll do my best to suffice with my eloquent words... or so I say =P

So let me describe Dalys Dining Hall, it's... interesting, I guess you could say. The selection of food is quite vast and it's especially exciting if you're a freshman. However, two months in and there's a chance you'll start getting sick of it. There are certain things that are always at Dalys, no matter what day is. This includes pizza, french fries, grilled chicken, cold cut bar, soups, ice cream, the wok station, bagels, the salad bar, the antipasto bar and the elusive WALL O' CEREAL. This is Dalys in a nutshell.

Personally, I have no problem with the place most of the time. There's always fresh spinach, a good amount of veggies (including whole sweet potatoes!) and a bunch of other things that keep this nutrition savvy girl content. However, it's still a challenge to eat there sometimes, not going to lie, but I've been handling it very well if I do say so myself! I need to start branching out and exploring the possibilities of creating new/fun/healthydeliciousawesome things! Dalys has a lot to offer and I just need to be creative! You know, spinach salads with the fixins is always amazing but I know there's MORE out there!

And as for food reviews, er, I kind of suck but I will say that I received my sample of Kashi Honey Sunshine and fell in love with them!

They sort of reminded me of Cap'n Crunch but with only a hint of sweetness, not at all overpowering and it didn't leave a weird taste in my mouth afterward (sorry Cap'n!!). Along with that, they're also packed with 6g of fiber (WOOT), all natural and only 100 calories per serving. The price is steep, as are all Kashi products, but next time they're on sale I'm definitely buying a box! Thumbs up!

Onto the next, running! So... I'm happy to report that yours truly will be running her first REAL 5K in the beginning of November!!!! I cannot even begin to talk about how excited I am and how much my love for running has grown; it's unbelievable. I started retraining when I first got back to Rider (not knowing about the 5K yet) and started out slow, despite my annoyance with having to build up my endurance all over again. However, it was the best thing I could've done. By limiting myself to 2-2.5 miles for the first few weeks I was able to reintroduce the high impact back to my legs. Now, I'm FINALLY back to 3-3.5 miles with no pain... I couldn't be happier. Even my speed is getting better, which I wasn't expecting. Today I ran a practice 5K in 30:32 with a pace of 9:47!!!!!! Now I know that compared to the other women of the blogworld that's still pretty novice but I've never been in training long enough to get under a 10 minute mile... and I finally did it; I got down to the single digits. I feel so accomplished and so proud of myself and just, so elated. This is only the beginning, it's only up from here!!!

Other random happenings include:
  • I ventured to Rutgers to see my girls Liz and Danielle, which was amazing. We saw Streetlight Manifesto, a ska band, and well, there was dancing, people pushing everywhere and it was just a giant sweaty good time! I also had my first bubble tea which was delicious to the 1000th power. Liz ordered it for me (since I had never had it) and she later told me it was sweet yam flavored.

Is that not the best thing ever?!?!? See the rainbow sitting in the background? Yup, clearly it was meant to be. I want another one. Right now. Hahahaha. Oh dear, I love my G-field crew, so, so much!

  • I saw FAME and it was spectacular. We all danced in the aisles... and in Starbucks. ;)
  • My classes have been going really well and I'm enjoying every single one of them!
  • PHOCUS is also going really well. We just finished up alcohol responsibility week and although I was sick I contributed the best I could.
  • Yes, I got sick, AGAIN and it sucked just as much as it did the first time. My throat is still bothering me a little bit but otherwise I'm fine. I'm sick of being sick!
Eeeeee, could this be the end already? I think I've covered everything important and as much as I would love to sit here and keep on blogging I must do that thing called homework. Jane Austen is calling my name.... I must attend to her wishes!

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone! =)

Damn it Domo, get out of my pictures!

Monday, October 12, 2009

"I'm dying my hair nylon yellow"....Silly, silly boy.

It's been a long time since I've blogged, guilty as charged, but alas, I have to put it off again on the count of homework that must be catered to. Art paper, front page paper design and I have to finish and tidy up my story for it's debut in the workshop tomorrow! Eek! Everyone seems to be very kind and professional about the constructive criticism so I'm not THAT nervous about it... "that" being the key word in that sentence.

The main reason I'm taking a break from my paper writing is because today is HIS birthday and, because I suck at life, he's been on my mind. I very rarely think about him anymore (Can you believe it?!?!) but certain things spark my memory back up. I mean, I've changed into a completely different person since this time last year and since seen him only once this year, I wonder if he's changed as well. I still do think that he had a huge impact in my recovery and as much as the situation sucked I'm a better person because of it =)

Yeah, sorrrrry for that little, well, whatever that was. People don't seem to like when I talk about him so I don't really mention him that much anymore. Everything is OK now though, just another part of life!

I'm going to try to blog for real later, meaning there will be a bunch of pictures that have yet to grace the blogworld! Until later!
This is carved into the desk I'm sitting at... I do love when positive messages make appearances in my life at random!