Monday, October 12, 2009

"I'm dying my hair nylon yellow"....Silly, silly boy.

It's been a long time since I've blogged, guilty as charged, but alas, I have to put it off again on the count of homework that must be catered to. Art paper, front page paper design and I have to finish and tidy up my story for it's debut in the workshop tomorrow! Eek! Everyone seems to be very kind and professional about the constructive criticism so I'm not THAT nervous about it... "that" being the key word in that sentence.

The main reason I'm taking a break from my paper writing is because today is HIS birthday and, because I suck at life, he's been on my mind. I very rarely think about him anymore (Can you believe it?!?!) but certain things spark my memory back up. I mean, I've changed into a completely different person since this time last year and since seen him only once this year, I wonder if he's changed as well. I still do think that he had a huge impact in my recovery and as much as the situation sucked I'm a better person because of it =)

Yeah, sorrrrry for that little, well, whatever that was. People don't seem to like when I talk about him so I don't really mention him that much anymore. Everything is OK now though, just another part of life!

I'm going to try to blog for real later, meaning there will be a bunch of pictures that have yet to grace the blogworld! Until later!
This is carved into the desk I'm sitting at... I do love when positive messages make appearances in my life at random!