Sunday, September 20, 2009

G-field, Rider, back to G-field and back to Rider again. Confused? I would be.

Late night blogging. Got a TON of stuff to say but it's already midnight and I have to get up super early tomorrow to go back to Rider!

"Isn't she at Rider already?" you may ask, well, I ended up coming back to G-field (after only 3 weeks of being gone!) It was a very wedding planning kind of weekend; the main reason I came back was to go wedding dress shopping with Cate, Shan, my niece and my mom. I guess you could say it was something of a surprise for Cate and it's been a pretty good weekend to say the least.

More detailing will come tomorrow for sure. I've got a bunch of food reviews to put up... ahem, someone may or may not have gone to Whole Foods yesterday :P

So yes, tomorrow I shall be back and there shall be lots of good ole' information and PICTURES! You know, because as I've said before, everyone loves pictures! Hahahaha.
It's a Russell Brand doll.... who would've thought eh?
Nighty night everyone =)


Kat said...

Oh. my. god. that doll.
my word verification is "goilys"! wtf!

Amelia-Another Gluten-Free Casualty said...

omg omg omg i want that doll!!!!!!!
he's such an ass but he looks cute in doll form.

my word verification is eutio...