Saturday, January 30, 2010

Short, sick and to the point

This is day 5 of my mystery sickness and it's starting to reallyyyyyyyyyy annoy me. Coughing, random hot/cold spells, overly tired, sore throat...... er, are those FLU symptoms? Cripes! What I'm hoping is that it's just a ridiculously strong cold and that by Monday I'll be at least remotely better. Resting this entire weekend should be a good move (I hope!)

So as anyone can imagine, I haven't be doing much exercising at all this week, or eating for that matter. Food reviews and exercise updates and TRUE bloggie-ness will be in the future. Until sickness has officially left the building, I leave you with this.

Why yes.... I do like your little trees. =D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oooh, baby baby!

And here I am, suddenly deciding that three weeks of not blogging is an appropriate amount of time to, well, not blog. To say I try to be a good blogger is an understatement. Whoooops. At least I have the decency to have these makeshift disclaimers at the beginning of every post!

Let me just jump right into a very important topic...

APOLO.ANTON.OHNOIn as simplified words as possible, incredibly sexy. I have only just realized my utter obsession with him but have embraced such an obsession fully and in stride. This includes a countdown to the start of the Olympics and watching all his Dancing With the Stars videos on Youtube. Let me tell you, watching his dance to "Push It" is probably one of the best things I have ever seen. On the HOLYWHOASEXY scale from 1-10, it's at least a 15. Don't get me wrong though, he's also world famous and has won endless gold metals for being a truly talented speed skater. It's a nice reassurance that I'm wiping the drool of my face because of some male model.

Sorry Zoolander, there's more to life than being really really good looking.

What did we learn? Apolo Anton Onho = PURE SEX. =D

I apologize for the suddenly hormonal bursts that seem to be a constant factor in my posts. First it's Robert Downey Jr. and now this? Uhm, I could have sworn this blog USED to be running and food appears that someoneeeeee is being a little male crazy!

I have been severly slacking when it comes to writing down all my health associated everything. I need to start the creativity going again with food and get over whatever sudden sickness I have been plagued with so I can continue running! It will get better.... just gotta believe!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Colorful albums and snowflakes.

Good morning, good morning, this morning, good morning... I don't suppose anyone has ever seen that clip made fun of on "The Soup"? Mmm, didn't think so.

Oooh, I just saw the cover album for the new Muse album and it's totally my thing! Although, as we all know, judging a book by its cover is not how life is suppose to be handled. But come on, look at it!

Maybe I just stop basing what I like off of whether or not it features a lot of colors. Maybe I should try listening to it. Put that on my to-do list....

So I woke up this morning and right off the bat I already knew that it was going to be a less-than-fabulous day. After reading my horoscope today I'm pretty sure that staying in and focusing on my writing will be what I do. It mentioned a cause that I'm passionate about and it's true that I have been VERY adament about writing lately. Soooooo, that is how I shall be fighting the bad mood that is looming over my head as I type. Bad mood = ED inspired. Let's just leave it at that.

On a good note though, I finally got my tattoo yesterday evening! I'm very happy with the way it turned out and I figured if ever there was a more appropriate time to get a matching sister tattoo, it was now. Considering how things have been going in my house lately, it just seemed right. The process itself was completely fine. People asking me if it hurt and honestly? It didn't. I've realized that I may or may not be something of a masochist and I may or may not have enjoyed it.......... cripes.

Why yes, I DO have a picture of it!

Tadaaaaaaa. It's nothing really elaborate. About two inches at most but a truly lovely snowflake to match that of the ones that both my older sisters have. I think it has even more of a personal meaning for me, being born in January and all. I have more than clearly expressed my ridiculous love for the cold and the snow so the snowflake is even more perfect. But gaaaah, I definitely have the ink bug! I want mooooooore now! =P

That's my ramblings. Done and done. Have a good day everyone... keep away from the bad mood!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Elementary my dear!

Buying books. It's a pain in the butt but it must be done. Thank Merlin.....

Thank Merlin? What do I think this is? Camelot?!?

Well, either way the deed is halfway done. Just waiting on one other class and then I'll have completed my twice yearly "give-Rider-more-of-my-money-because-you-know-they-don't-already-have-enough-of-it-as-it-is." Psshhhh. Seriously, $44 dollars for a book I can't sell back? I think not my friends.

Oooh, my currently obsession: Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes.

Walking into a room to find this man strapped to a bed naked?? Ummm, YES PLEASE.

Other than the fact that is super sexy, I don't really know too much about RDJr. as an actor previous to this (legit, I didn't even know that Ironman was made into a movie. Does that make me a bad person?) I think he did drugs or a DUI or something of the sort but nevertheless, he was absolutely brilliant in this role. I really liked his onscreen relationship with Jude Law AKA Dr. Watson. Sherlock Holmes mysteries are on my never ending list of "THINGS TO READ!" but I sincerely appreciate that when I do in fact read them I'll have this smashing man as the image in my head. =D

And not for nothing, Jude Law honestly looks much better with a mustache!
Two thumbs up from the chick in Garfield!

What kind of post IS this exactly? Time waster. That's what.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wrap up the year with some ole' fashioned pictures!

My post to celebrate the year that was 2009! Good things and some not-so-good things but lest we dwell on the bad and indulge the good with some awesome pictures! =D

2009, in a nutshell!

Tradition! My foot is the one with the open toe which is not the smartest choice when there is snow on the ground.... the show we went to see was, er, interesting but trips to Princeton and then random-ness in Burger King can't be beat!
Celebrated my 20th birthday with Rider shenanigans, cookie cake and lots of dancing!
Take us seriouslyyyyyy!

Road tripped to Pennsylvania to see my favorite gay and his popcorn machine. Hahaha.

2009 was definitely the year of Dr. Goldie. Some of the best moments of the year included: "How would you say it to your *whispers* gynocologist?", CAKE and the Cloisters! Just a few of the many things that makes me so so so so glad to be an English major.

I decided to give into my obsession and be Benjamin Franklin for Halloween! And I looked badass.

Thanks to Professor Naar, I discovered that I really do love art. Went to MoMA and saw AMAZING paintings with my own eyes!

It was my year as a member of PHOCUS! The Peer Institute, countless rehearsals and the performances were amazing experiences. Nothing but love.

Saw A LOT of these two ladies the entire year, including my first ska show (Streetlight Manifesto =AWESOME) A trip to Rutgers is always a fabulous experience!

During the summer the entire Rider crew traveled to Amelia's house in Toms River for a little reunion =D

Celebrated my roomie's 21st birthday! And look, we actually touched!