Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Elementary my dear!

Buying books. It's a pain in the butt but it must be done. Thank Merlin.....

Thank Merlin? What do I think this is? Camelot?!?

Well, either way the deed is halfway done. Just waiting on one other class and then I'll have completed my twice yearly "give-Rider-more-of-my-money-because-you-know-they-don't-already-have-enough-of-it-as-it-is." Psshhhh. Seriously, $44 dollars for a book I can't sell back? I think not my friends.

Oooh, my currently obsession: Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes.

Walking into a room to find this man strapped to a bed naked?? Ummm, YES PLEASE.

Other than the fact that is super sexy, I don't really know too much about RDJr. as an actor previous to this (legit, I didn't even know that Ironman was made into a movie. Does that make me a bad person?) I think he did drugs or a DUI or something of the sort but nevertheless, he was absolutely brilliant in this role. I really liked his onscreen relationship with Jude Law AKA Dr. Watson. Sherlock Holmes mysteries are on my never ending list of "THINGS TO READ!" but I sincerely appreciate that when I do in fact read them I'll have this smashing man as the image in my head. =D

And not for nothing, Jude Law honestly looks much better with a mustache!
Two thumbs up from the chick in Garfield!

What kind of post IS this exactly? Time waster. That's what.


Wanda said...

Have you thought of trying out, Keri? I use it, and it saves me a TON of money. I also have a promo code you can use to save an extra 5% off of your order, it's CC105799. Check it out! XD