Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Product review! (just like a REAL foodie!)

Bonjour blogworld! Classes are back in action and I think my brain is reentering the "RIDAH U!" mindset.

Purchase review time!!!! A couple days ago, during a group visit to Target I found something that I've been wanting for quite the qwhile.

The Nike+ iPod Sport Kit!!!! I was SO excited to have actually spotted it and bought it on the spot. My pedometer from Walmart had been quite loyal to me for the past month or so but I knew I needed something more. OK, so it wasn't like completely impulsive; I've been reading up on this for 2 weeks. One of the only reasos being because MY Nikes happen to be one of the types compatible for such an attachment.

It's very simple to use. You put the tiny sensor (the size of two nickels laying flat side by side!) in the underlining of the left sneaker (there's a space for it) and then you click in the iPod attachment and you're done! A new section shows up on your iPod and you just navigate it to your preference from there.

So far I've gone through 5 runs with it and I'm extremely pleased. I'm able to upload my runs to and it keeps them all nice and organized, something I'm not too exactly awesome at doing. My pace and length of time and all that is included as well. As of now, it's a good investment but for long term purposes? I wouldn't recommend it. The main downside to it is that the battery isn't replaceable in the shoe sensor so it has to be replaced after a certain amount of time. For a college kid, I say this is a good thing to have. If you run a lot of races or just long distance in general, invest in something more durable (Garmin anyone?) For now though, Nike makes me happy!


Kat said...

Good review!! :) This seems like something I'd wanna try even though I'm not a hardcore runner. Does it have a normal pedometer setting (like just for walking?)
(also, my word verification word is "likili")