Monday, January 5, 2009

I can't do yoga.... but I got my spinach =)

I am hereby openly admitting my existance as a complete WEENIE. By this I am refering none-other than my first attempt in officially doing yoga. It was bad to say the very least. I managed to get through barely a half hour of it before I completely gave up. Granted, when I say "getting through it" I actually mean only doing half of the poses correctly and whining to myself the rest of the time. I will admit, however, I was sweating BUCKETS after like 20 minutes. No denying that yoga can definitely be a fabulous workout. I don't think I'll be trying it again any time soon. It would seem that I need to be moving around constantly when it comes to exercising; I think I'll stick to running and dancing for now. I might be starting strength training as well, one thing at a time!

My mom finally took me to her favorite produce market and it was heavenly! Every kind of vegetable and fruit I could want was there! Not to mention breads, cheeses, fish and a... Dunkin Dounts? That's actually a pretty smart move when you think about it. It's like, "Alas! Look at these people buying their stuffs, let us provide them with coffee!" We made some rather fabulous purchases, including spinach which I have been craving for quite some time! To celebrate I made a truly awesome salad of spinach, romaine, string beans, tomatoes, wheat germ, some sliced almonds, a bit o' parm cheese and italian dressing. It made me quite content although I think I need to invest in a different dressing....hmm. Well you know what that means.... next stop is my first trip ever to WHOLE FOODS!

Random but I really need to call my boss to get money, I don't know if I'm digging this episode of Intervention and my birthday is in 18 days. Wheeeeeeee.
I JUST REALIZED THAT MY COUNT IS 10 DAYS WITHOUT ME EVEN KNOWING! It's been more than a week and I'm actually really proud of myself considering the bad part of my brain was being kind of bonkers just the other day. But no, this work in progress is still truckin'!