Thursday, January 8, 2009

A video blog? Oyy, it's definitely something.

This is probably the WORST video blog that has ever been created, EVER. I take full responsibility for it's lack of quality and general interesting-ness at all. Enjoy??

It seems that I have the perfect face for a writing career! Did you see that self made ugly joke I just made there??? Hope so because there will be plenty more of those! You know I wasn't expecting too much from myself in my attempts at making a "video blog". Considering the fact I use my cell phone as my digital camera it's like it was made in a basement. Well, OK, it WAS made in a basement.......... I LIVE in a basement. Whoops. But maybe if I was, oh I don't know, remotely interesting that bloggy would have been a tad more entertaining to watch. I'm actually not too sure why I'm posting it..... I think even my speaking is a tad too low to hear clearly enough. Err practice makes perfect though? Maybe??? Please?? Booooooooooo.