Monday, January 19, 2009

"We're 20... and 20" O_O

Ah New York City, how I long to always be with you! Every time I visit that city it just makes me long for that kind of lifestyle.


The visit was definitely thumbs up worthy though! I LOVE how easy it is to get there (and fairly cheap as well!) It took me less than a half hour to get to Port Authority for $3.40! One thing that was super annoying, and really random, was that I couldn't enjoy the bus ride in because I had to pee like no one's business! Never a fun thing but I'm lucky that that was really the only flaw of the night. I met up with Sam (after peeing mind you) and we made our way to the Jekyll and Hyde restaurant. Initially that was where we intended on eating but upon talking to one of the employees standing by the door we dropped that idea very quickly. Apparently the place is known for its "scary entertainment" which means that people are constantly jumping out and scaring you at any given moment. There was NO WAY I was eating there; I'm afraid of balloons for God sakes.

Luckily for us the employee turned out to be a very helpful kind of guy! He directed us to a place across the street called Rue 57, saying it was one of the best in NYC and wouldn't card us. HAHA. In my opinion I think he was right! We had an amazing waiter who quickly became one of our favorite people ever AND while the food was a tad expensive, it was great! Sam gave us our presents..... she bought Pineapple Express on DVD and, ready for this? A SNUGGIE!! We LOL'd about that for a good while. Allie spilled the beans to the waiter that it was our 20th birthdays and when Sam asked later if he would serve us alcohol he said that if he hadn't knownn our ages he totally would have. Nice.going.Allie. For the record though we didn't need anything in our systems, everything we said in that restaurant turned into a joke; Priesty, the creepy waiter, "MY SIZE BURGER!", Labelle's real voice... just to name a few things anyway. After we ate and complete nuisances of ourselves in the restaurant (we were easily the most obnoxious ones there..... can't take us to fancy places!) we hit the streets to find a comedy club.

Without much looking we found a crazy bro who REALLY liked to talk (and ask about our boyfriends... LOL) but offered us 3 tickets to a comedy club for $21 ("How does this look to you??". Crazy man also made it a point to mention that we could "drink like fishes"... seriously, do we look like boozebags or something?!?! But to summarize, the comedy itself was not too funny except for the hot/short guy and the fact that 3 out of the 6 comedians regarded Allie during their acts. Turns out the place didn't card us and there was a 2 drink minimum so yes, we did have some drinks. I had a Fuzzy Martini (orange vodka and peach schnapps) and then a Long Island Beach (essentially the same thing as a Long Island Iced Tea but with cranberry juice and 7-UP). We were very adult-like when it came to ordering and the drinks were super good! The taste of tequila was quite obvious in our LIBs so Allie and I enjoyed that being the tequila enthusiasts that we are. Not too much aftershow tipsy-ness and even if there was (OK, maybe just a tad!) we walked around the city for another hour after the show was over so it all worked our. It was a fabulous time even though we had to end our night a little early... however, when in doubt there's always the Hamilton train station that conveniently takes you to, where else? New York City. These are my favorite pictures of the night =)

I was expressing the love I had for my new Snuggie!

NYC chic with our new favorite person ever, Labelle! No clue if that was his real name but that's what the bill said!

Our damaged done at the comedy club... obviously we liked what we had. Best way to end our night if you ask me!