Sunday, January 18, 2009

They love me!

The button is missing again!! Where the heck did it go I do wonder...guess I wasn't meant to be a symmetrical kind of being. Meh.

Anywaaaaayyyy, WORK! I've noticed that I do this really lame thing where I will dread having to go to work for the sole purpose that I'm extraordinarily lazy but then once I get there I'm like, "Oh yeah! Green Onion! Woot woot!"


OK maybe not those words exactly but it's that's how I was feeling anyway. I worked from 4 to 12:30 like a good girl and had a great time as per usual! I don't know what it is about me but I never get bored of that place. You know what it was? I was BUSY! Like last time, I was constantly moving. Granted I did dishes most of the time but my energy was surprisingly thru the roof! Not sure why, I did take one of those B-12 packets and maybe worked? Either way, I rocked those dishes! Even the one chef was like, "You're a dish washing expert" and I was like, "Should I consider that a good thing??" Hahahaha. No, of course it's a compliment; I AM a dish washing expert! Wheeeeeeee. Oh AND one of the waitresses stole a party favor for me!

Ahem, needless to say I was a fan. The party was a Mardi Grad themed sweet sixteen so naturally there was a ton of elaborate decorations and party favors and basically everything you would expect from a typical sweet sixteen party. The mask is rainbow colored and has sequins on it... how could I not fall in love with it? Definitely one of the perks of working there!

Other events included the extravagant cake tasting like complete CRAP, the success of the beer coated salmon, eating my Key Lime Pie Larabar (I LOVEDDDD IT), finding out several piece of extremely juicy gossip and having my coworkers tell me that they loved meeeeee! It was a good night <3