Saturday, January 17, 2009

I cannot believe my eyes....

New obsession. Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog... it's basically one of the best things ever. I managed to stumble upon it while entertaining myself by watching Brotherhood 2.0 videos (NERDFIGHTER!), one click and TADA! I ended up downloading the movie, which is only 42 minutes long, and am currently in the mode of listening to the one song dozens upon dozens of times because that's what I do when I REALLY like a particular song. Want to check out the song?

Post that in your toolbar and you shall see the video of "On the Rise/My Eyes". It's fabulous! If my recommendation isn't enough then watch it because NEIL PATRICK HARRIS sings... and he sings well. Dr. Horrible FTW!

Good news, I get to work today and I'm pretty sure I'm getting PAID! Talk about a nice change of pace considering the fact that I've been doing nothing but roaming around my house and doing FOOD associated things this past week. Not sure if I'll be on dishwasher duty or not but I do know one thing.... I'm tots going to have a legit reason to eat one of my Larabars! That'll hopefully keep me from picking at things while I'm there. My guesstimation is that I'll probably be there until midnight at the latest. I'll take what I can get! I need the damn money! Especially for tomorrow!

I'm SUPER excited for tomorrow, been looking forward to it for two weeks now! Sam, Allie and I will be meeting in NYC for a night of birthday fun-ness! Allie's birthday was yesterday and mine is on Friday so it's a joint kind of thing. I'm pretty sure we still have NO idea what we'll actually be doing thanks to the wonders of indecisiveness. It should be fab either way though... we're just awesome like that =)

I can't seem to find the little button that centers all the paragraphs! What happened to itttttttt? Now I don't feel as symmetrical anymore! Grr.