Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday Keribop! Hooraaaay!

I found the button! HAHAHAHAHA, it was seriously one click away. It's been hiding here the entire time. Oh silly silly silly. Ah, that's better!

I've been writing this all over the place so naturally I have to post it here as well!

Happy birthday to me, it's my birthday YIPPY! I like to eat cookies, happy birthday to me!

I got that song from an original episode of Making Fiends (one of my favorite things EVER) and I feel that describes how I feel! And now the font has changed? Whoops! But yes, today is indeed my birthday and I've been running around telling everyone about it. Like I said before though, it's not really that big of a deal; I think I just want to feel REALLLYYYY special. I'm officially 20 years old, no longer am I considered to be a teenager! Adulthood, Keribop is thy name (or almost anyway!)

In other news? THE CUPCAKES CAME OUT AMAZING! I took pictures like there was no tomorrow and would like to share a few!
Before =)

After! =) Now I know they don't look like much but take a bite and........


I'm so proud of myself and actually quite surprised with how lovely they turned out! I managed to get 17 cupcakes but that's a lot more than I had anticipated! I was expecting a huge screw up and ugly brown cupcakes to be my fate. HOWEVER, because it took me an hour and a half to do they came out pretty spot on to the picture! I'm only leaving 3 here but I want to share them with the Rider kids because I love them <3
Hmm, the font changed again! What is this rumpus?!?!