Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy.... could possibly be one of the best words ever actually!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Maybe not "happy" but it's been at least remotely content for the most part. I almost feel like this is partially because I had a spinach salad and I am unofficially OBSESSED with spinach now. I just can't under why children don't like vegetables!! Vegetables are like the most tasty and amazing thing that has ever existed ever! Blast those children.... either I'm not having my own and if I do we are going to be one hell of a healthy household.

I totally did a throwback exercise today and DDR'd for an hour (burning 330 calories!) There's just something about the constant feet moving/dancing that makes me feel so GOOD. It's one of those little things that people don't know about me, I DDR and I DDR well. The game itself holds a very dear place in my heart because it was what helped me to lose the weight I wanted before graduation. I'm telling y'all, you commit to it and it WILL provide results; especially when Mother Nature decides to PMS and make it impossible to run in the park!

So I've had one of those topics on my mind that I know the menfolk don't want to read about but has been brought to my attention. Now it's been said that being "irregular" is normal, two months at the very least I would think. I know that irregular is probably not the case for me. To be blunt, it's been almost seven months since I've received my, ahem, "womanhood". I just have a lot of questions concerning it you know? The most major thing has to do with the whole aspect of being able to get pregnant. I've read about a few girls whose eating disorders screwed up their systems so badly that they were rendered unable to have children. I don't think that will end up being the case for me; I don't feel my EDNOS is that extreme of a case to do such a thing. However, I'm definitely on the fence as to whether it would upset me to not be able to ever get pregnant in my life if, at some point, I did in fact want to. I'm pretty sure I don't want children but must admit that not being able to is a scary thought. Would I be considered less of a woman because I knowingly tried to ruin my body and ruined the one of the most amazing things that a woman is capable of??? OK so it IS a scary thought but I'm hopeful. I've been eating as normally as possible for a couple weeks now and hope that things will slowly begin to "flow" again... yes, PUN INTENDED.

Happy and healthy right??? That's trying to be my new way of thinking but, as I have said MANY times before, I'm a work in progress.

Random act of trying to feel good about myself? I'm wearing my favorite kick ass lace up boots and even though I've just been sitting around my house, I won't take them off! I just love them too too much! I think this only proves that I need one of those calenders that tells me one fact a day that will make me happy! Put that on my to-do list!