Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OBAMA OBAMA and the awaiting of 123!

And the buttons are gone YET again. I think I've given up hope on them ever returning. Buttonssssss, why have you left me in my time of need?!?!!?

WHOA, unnecessary dramatics right there. I do tend to forget that I am still technically considered a "theater kid". Ugh, that's a topic I REALLY don't feel like getting my mind wrapped around right now. Moving on then!

Inauguration was today! Spleee! The dog's barking managed to wake me up right on time to make a lovely bowl of oats and watch almost all of the inauguration with my dad. My dad was going nuts the entire time and was like, "Boooo Bush! Boooo Bush! Fall of the platform!!" It's clear to see that my dad's happy about our new president. I will admit that I'm not the most avid when it comes to following politics but I WILL say that it's comforting to know that our country finally has a chance to be rebuilt back to it's full potential. I must also say that Obama's speech legit gave me chills; hearing that man speak was truly amazing, even for me! America's in good hands I think AND I made up a fun song because leave it to me to completely ruin the serious-ness. It's basically repeating "OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA OBAMAAAAAAA!" OK it's not really a song but I've been singing that whenever I see his face on TV or in the paper. YAY OBAMA!

Other than that I have no done a damn thing today. Ugh, that makes me feel like a big ole' blob. Another reason why I can't wait to go back to Rider, constant movement and things to do! However, the one thing I CANNOT wait for (besides my return home that is) is my BIRTHDAY! YAYAYAYAYAYAY. Well, in retrospect my birthday isn't that big of a deal really; I just like be excited about =) In honor of my birthday we're all going out to dinner tomorrow so that will be a nice occasion I think! It's some place called the Crow's Nest. Hmm, never heard of it but my parents said they went to a repast there and they liked it. Um, REPAST? Qwaaahhhh that's not exactly the key association I wanted but it's better than leaving the decision up to me (Hullo Queen of Indecisiveness!)

It's only 11:14 and I'm already tired? Meh, I want to PARTYYYYYYY!

Would it be weird if I made cupcakes for my OWN birthday? I don't really think so, I mean look at it! RAINBOWWWWWW <3