Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh hai.......

QUOTE OF MY LIFE (thanks to a memory of my roomie from high school)

"Stop talking about food...I'm getting aroused!"

My friends, my life is now complete. Ahem,'s been a VERY long time. I have once again failed the blogging world and all who inhabit it. I'm sorry bloggers, I suck sometimes.

I'm not even really sure where to begin; it has been at least 3 weeks I believe! I think I shall make a general list of the randomosity that has gone on in my life. I do love making my silly little random lists, along with pictures naturally (they add PIZAZZ to it!)


  1. I had a snow day at Rider ALREADY! The second day I got back my Wednesday was cancelled.... ALL.FIVE.CLASSSES. It was basically the most amazing thing ever.

  2. Upon realizing that I forgot my bowl back at home I had to go to Target to buy a new one!

  3. It was $2.99 and is shaped like a heart! Please forgive the awful picture quality and the soup-ness... I swear isn't normally a lot prettier!

  4. Because I am a complete dunce and decided to wear open-toed shoes I had to be carried across a lawn on my friend's brother's back when we all went to see an Indie Music Festival (?) last Saturday. I can't lie though, it was something of a confidence booster. I had never been carried before =)

  5. Valentines Day was surprisingly really fun because I spent it with my roomie shopping, eating cookie cake (that we MADE) and watching Hairspray! Best Valentines Day to date I think!

  6. I'm back on schedule with counseling and I honestly think that I'm slowly making more progress as time goes on. I had a lot to tell her last week concerning my new found hopes of getting better; I even blatantly used the term "eating disorder" and meant it. It was scary but like I said, I'm hopeful =)

  7. My count has been almost 2 weeks! Hooraaay!

  8. NEDAwareness week is next week and I'm making a shirt that's going to most likely say, "STARVING ISN'T SEXY" or something of the sort. I'm actually not sure now that I think about it; I really want a quote that will pack a HUGE punch and make people take notice. I think I may even end up putting flyers around campus trying to promote awareness as well. Hmm.

  9. Edi is coming to visit on Wednesday and I'M REALLY EXCITED TO SEE HIM!

  10. I've gotten three comments from random people telling me that I should make rainbow cupcakes again. They were a HUGE hit! There will definitely be a repeat performance of that.
  11. I've had homework OUT THE WAZOO. No lie, everyday I have something new to do for one of my classes. However, I would NEVER give up being an English major though! I heart it.
Those are the MAJOR things anyway (or at least the things I can think of off the top of my head!) It's nice to be all busy and such again though, I almost forgot what that was like! I'm off to finish a drawing for counseling tomorrow, it's like an art therapy session! Hopefully I shall return tomorrow... that is of course if I don't FORGET to blog again! <3

MAXWELL!!! He's my little wolf <3