Monday, February 23, 2009

Two hearts! Mark it up!

Hello hello everyone! I feel much much better today, would you believe that? I'm quite the toolbag sometimes. Turns out that I did NOT break my count, nor did I smoke, nor did I cry. I had to repress some of the emotions, I wrote down a bit of how I was feeling. Actually I ended up falling asleep from 5 to 7 so maybe I put ED to sleep for now? Grapes, that's probably not the best thing I could've done but (sigh) I'm a work in progress.

Needless to say my list of things to talk about to Leah tomorrow is not lacking. There have been things that I've been noticing that I need to talk about; habits, thoughts, etc. Every time I thought of something I ended up writing it down in one of my notebooks so now I have to go through the bunch of 'em and find them all! Of course I would do something like that... I'm a weirdy most of the time =)

By the by, Edi being here was probably the best thing ever. Haha, Sam's boyfriend was here also so it was kind of chaotic with the happenings but in the best possible way mind you! We partied, sat in Dalys for hours upon hours, bought a lifesized cardboard cutout of Rob Pattinson for my roommate, watched Making Fiends, watched Clone High and it was just generally a fabulous time. Edi made me watch this movie called Repo! The Genetic Opera and it's become one of those soundtracks that I feel it absolutely necessary to listen to about 10000 times; it's kind of like Bare all over again! I LOVE this musical now, Repo is so out there and the music is nothing short of incredible. Just shows ya that part of me will forever be a little theatre child. Aww..... LAME. Over it! Moving on!

Er, I have to write a 5 page paper about a poem that is entirely based on SEX. I had NO clue as to what I was getting myself into until earlier today when my fellow English majors were discussing it. Apparently it touches on everything from testicles, penises, the actual act of having sex, ejaculation and a bunch of other stuff; I haven't even read the damn thing yet! Just my luck eh? At least I won't be bored when writing it... except I have to present on it as well. Oh boyyyyyy that means I'm going to have to completely lock up that part of me that can't help but giggle when something overly sexual is mentioned. Time to act like an adult Keribop!

Never a dull moment I must say... now I'm going to NOT do my homework (tomorrow is my day off so I'm procrastinating with reason) and either watch a movie (anyone ever heard of Happy Go-Lucky?) or mess around on Facebook and photoshop/Picnik some pictures!

One more thing that I have to mention is that the last week in February (which is now!) is NEDAwareness week. I can only hope that people take at least a MOMENT to just realize that eating disorders are NOT a laughing matter and NOT something that should be mocked disregarded as unimportant. I'm sorry to have to use this language in my writing but IT'S A BIG FUCKING DEAL. I mean I'm not expecting people to start forking over their money to NEDA but at the very least to help anyone who they may think may be suffering from an eating disorder. ED makes people stubborn, withdrawn and in extreme denial (I would know) and those are the people who NEED HELP. An ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or even just that little piece of knowledge that serves as a reminder that there IS someone out there who DOES care and who WANTS to help. Change CAN happen.

This is the official website that contains an extremely helpful amount of information for those suffering or for those who know someone who may be suffering, ways to become involved in the organization and a place for donations to increase the research efforts towards helping more people than ever thought possible; I FINALLY became an official member of the organization about a week ago =)