Friday, May 15, 2009

Where did that half mile come from?

I can't really understand how last night I went to sleep at 1:30 and woke up at 6... and I feel kind of awesome today. Weirdddd.

Because I was up so early, I took it as a sign to take my ass to the park and do some runnin'. According to the stopwatch on my Ipod (which is the only source of time I have currently until I invest in a pedometer), I managed 3 miles in 33 minutes. That would mean that I somehow managed another half mile in the span of about two days. I mean, I wasn't completely out of breath or anything nor do I think that I was unknowingly doing speed intervals or anything. What I'm thinking might be the case is that because I was running steadily for a month at Rider my body is simply getting used to running outside instead of on a treadmill. I told my dad (the only source of running knowledge I have in my house) and he seemed to agree. I guess it'll be a matter of whether I am able to accomplish stats that are similar to that of today! For what it's worth though, I'm pleased with myself for going 4 miles today. The last mile I kind of walked for maybe .2 and then went about my normal pace again. Technically, I almost ran 4 miles today but not quite.

Such as life though! My stupid face shall continue running as much as possible and maybe even make a vagueeeeeeeeeee attempt at the yoga thing again. Maybe? Hahahahahaha.

For the record, that carton of egg whites in my house holds A LOT more egg whites than I thought. My solution?

Yeah. Clearly you can't tell from the picture what they are so I shall tell you. COCONUT MERINGUES! AND I MADE THEM! I'm proud of myself, in case no one noticed. VERY easy to make and I'm in the works of making mooorrreeee so they will be ALL OVER THE HOUSE! Rawrrrr.
Obviously someone needs to buy a real camera. However, despite the lack of photogenic-ness, these little guys came out light, air-y and the coconut taste was a lovely compliment! They're only 35 calories a piece so it won't be such a terrible thing to have them here. I'm going to see what else I can add to the mix to make them more fun. Can anyone say cocoa powder? Chocolate air is next on the list!

Perhaps an update later? I still feel like it's really early, waking up at 6 has made my brain go all mushy... I feel like I've been up for hours! Wow. I've gone a little wacky and because of this I'm trudging back into the kitchen.

Have a fabulous day! =)