Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tired little fellow(-ette!)

I really do suck at blogging sometimes. Not surprising information to state anymore if you ask me. I guess a quick summary of life will suffice because under normal circumstances I would do some late night blogging to detail the perfect amount of information but I'm EXHAUSTED once again. I just need to pass-the-frick-out.

Why am I so exhausted? A combination of work and running I would say; although there is the other factor that I've slept less than 6 hours the past 3 or 4 nights. Don't misinterpret it though, I actually really love getting my ass kicked by work. It makes me feel kind of accomplished and useful... plus the money aspect of couse! I think, however, that today I wore myself out by getting up at 6:30, working from 8 to 2 nonstop and then going straight from work to the park to run 3.1 miles. Derrrrr. I knew as soon as I got out of work that my calves were hurting but in the past running has managed to make the work pains go away fairly well... I thought it would work!

I'm just sitting in bed now feeling tired and achy. Tomorrow is basically the start of my "JampackedJune!" Such an event contains things such as the Peer Institute this week, a bunch more working, cooking for/attending a bridal shower, making a trip to Pennsylvania, a wedding and to calm everything down? A WEEK IN MYRTLE BEACH. I.can't.waittttttt.

Wow, this was vague and fairly unimportant. My eyes are closing on my though, sleeepy time awaits me. Goodnight =)