Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blast you! You know one of my weaknesses!

My jobless life has been saved in this point in time! The Green Onion has graciously offered to give me back my job for the summer so I'm EXTREMELY excited to be able to go back. Sometimes I complain that I'm tired and ache-y and such but the bottom line will forever stand that the Onion is my place of belonging. I'll be back to behind the scenes kitchen duty on Saturday @ 10 and Sunday @ 10 as well! =)

I didn't get to run today (MEH THE RAINNNN) and when it comes to eating I did fairly well but then ruined it with the help of a lovely thing I like to call NORTH JERSEY DINERS. As a North Jersey girl to the core, one of my weaknesses is a good ole' fashioned diner that provides disco fries, chocolate chip pancakes and endless refills of cawfee! God, I do love diners and have always been around them; there's at least 6 diners within a ten minute driving distance from my house and I know of at least 10 more if those previous 6 happen to fail! Diners were definitely one of the things I missed most about being back in G-field. Even if you have no money, pull together $1.25 and you can have as much cawfee as you want, it's a crowdpleaser!

This is the particular diner I was stationed at tonight... the lovely Saddlebrook Diner!

I need to DEFINITELY go running tomorrow and because I HAVE MY CAR BACK (cue the angels singinggg), it should be a task that I shall for sure accomplish! It's past midnight but I'm going to LOL around the internet a bit longer looking for egg white cookie recipes, pedometers, freelance writing jobs and! Gooddddnighhhttt everyone! (or anyone?!?)