Friday, May 22, 2009

These are what summer nights are SUPPOSE to be like

Bonjourrrrrr everyone! It's official to say that late nights in New Jersey aren't as interesting as I used to think them to be. Back in the day (high school?) there was bowling and diners and movies and all these fun things to do. They involved money but when in high school, money wasn't as big of a factor as it is now. Now I'm in desperate need of all the money I can get and therefore cannot go around galavanting (YES I used that word) and throwing my money around. It sucks but you know what sucks more? Bumming money off of your parents for gas and school books and junk like that. Grapes, being in your 20's is a completely different world from the years of the teens. HA, I sound so old right now.

I will say, however, that I still managed to have a pretty fun Friday night despite money issues. My girl Courtney, whom I've been friends with since 3rd grade, arrived at my abode and after much deliberation we decided to simply head over to a local Dunkin Dounts. We basically epitomized what a summer night would be, sitting on the hood of my car in a parking lot on the side of the highway drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes (she did) and just talking. Twas a good time I must say, there really is something about nights in Jersey that just make you feel so content.
Ohhhh New Jersey I do love you so, even if I complain about you sometimes! 201 representtttttt!

In summary tomorrow will include the following:
  • A nice early morning run
  • Dollar flip flop mania at Old Navy!
  • Farmer's market!
  • MORE wedding dress shopping with my mommy and her friend
I'm sure there will be other random shenanigans thrown in there as well but one thing at a time!! Until tomorrow then... nighty night =)