Saturday, May 23, 2009

A GAD? In Whole Foods? Come onnnnnnnn.

Old Navy let us down. The lines in the stores were out of the WAZOO (Courtney took a video to prove it) and even if we had managed to obtain flip flops in our sizes it just wasn't worth it. The more I think about it, the less of a big deal it is. So I'll just return to Old Navy on Monday and buy the flip flops for $2.50... no biggieeeeeee. It was still a fun time with PaceFace, as per usual!

Oh and also.....


I went to Wholeeeee Foods, I went to Wholeeeeee Foods, I went to Wholeeeeeee Foods.

It never fails to make me a ridiculously happy child to take a trip to that food store. Even though when I was in the store today I had a VERY awkward moment with an extremely cute guy. Edi thought it would be a fun game to call me so I was talking to him while I roamed around. One of the main reasons I went was to pick up my first container of protein powder so I was standing in front of all of them for quite a while trying to decided which one would be the best. As I'm looking this AMAZING hot guy comes over next to me and starts looking through the powders as well. Because I'm a silly girl I immediately walked away and because I'm a STUPID girl I apparently couldn't keep my thoughts to myself and said to Edi as I walked away, "Oh my God the HOTTEST GUY was just standing next to me looking at the protein powder." He asked me a question and as I looked back low and behold, hottie was right behind me; he heard everything I had just said. FML.

I run away to the yogurt aisle and am whining into the phone about how I just embarassed myself. I look to my right and GUESS WHO MAGICALLY APPEARED NEXT TO ME?? The amazing hot guy, OF COURSE. I'm trying to not make an ass out of myself any further and this entire time all I'm hearing out of the phone is, "Where is he now?!?!?! Where'd the hot guy go?!?!" FMLx2.

After that I didn't see him any further but ARGHHHHHHH why did I do that?!?! He was a beautiful guy and clearly he cared about nutrition, HENCE BEING IN WHOLE FOODS. Sigh, another awkward moment on my behalf. Don't get me wrong though, it's definitely LOL worthy... sometimes I wish I knew how to act like a normal flirty girl!

At least I picked up all the things I went there for! I apologize for no pictures what-so-ever but I'm still camera-less. In my purchase though I bought vanilla soy milk, finely ground flax seeds, a small container of vanilla soy protein powder (24g of protein!!!! Holy whoaaaaaa!), a fruit leather (cranberry... gotta rep Rider!), 3 Larabars (Cocunut, Chocolate Mole and Pistachio), a ThinkFruit bar (I believe it's called) and A NEW JAR OF ALMOND BUTTER. I ended up spending $28 but now have almost all the components to make my own Green Monster shake! I think I first read about it on Jenna's blog but I've seen it all over the blogworld in general. Everything about these creations seems so awesome so naturally (because the women of the blogworld are basically my life inspirations!!!) I figured I would take a crack at it as well! I'm getting spinach tomorrow so after my run I will begin the experimentationnnnnn =)

In running news I still don't have a pedometer (meh) and actually am not really too sure how far I ran today. I did the normal mile no problem but then I looped around this lake as a change today and there were no little wooden planks that told me what mile I was on so I got SUPERRRR confused. I think it may have been 4 miles or more but my Ipod said 46 minutes but I KNOW that I didn't slow down or anything of the sort. Like I said, SUPER confused. Tomorrow I'm just going to go my usual route so at least I'll accurately know how far I've gone! I'm horrible with math in every scenario possible..... whooops.

Hmm, it seems like it's going to be an early night so I guess I'll finish the METS game and then heda into the basement/cave and read more of my nutrition book. I know, I'm a lame-o. Goodnightttttt =)