Friday, March 13, 2009

Je suis tres fatigue! Accent marks... where are yoooou?

I am officially HOME! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sorry, just had to get that out of the way first off. Today has been extremely busy but in the best possible way of course! (Can we just note that I've already used THREE exclamation points in this entry thus far?)

After a hallwayblockpaintingextravaganza and some Queer as Folk with Roomie last night I was up bright and early, if you consider 7:20 early that is! J'ai le petit dejeuner avec mon ami et je etude la Francais! Forgive my awful attempt at using the French language in an intelligent way but that was what I was doing aaaaaallllllll morning because my prof decided to give us a test on the day we leave for spring break. Not cool booboo. I think I did alright though so it's chill. My morning oats were better than awesome today because Dalys FINALLY BROUGHT BACK THE UNLIMITED PEANUT BUTTER! I was so excited and had a nice tablespoon along with my maple oats, granola and cranberries.

Note to self: Do not catch up on reading the food blogs when you are clearly hungry and it is clearly too late to be eating! LOLLLLL.

After 12:30 it was a blur, a good blur? Last lunch with the ladies and packing/Queer as Folk-ing with Roomie once again! Well actually it was more so me packing and her sitting in her egg chair yelling about how much she loves Brian. Haha, it was pretty awesome. I ended up peacing out from my Rider home around 3:15 (courtesy of Big Uggy) and we made it back to G-field in an hour! I gossiped with my mom for quite the qwhile, ate some mushroom soup and Maxwell FREAKED out when I first walked inside and I was like, "fasefhasudfhuafasfsafhsdalf" because I missed him that much. Yeah I know, I'm a woman of many languages. It's OK, you can be jealous. Justtttt kidding! I've been hanging around in my basement and didn't realize just how much I missed living down here; aww, my little makeshift apartment-like area.

I'm ULTRA tired right now though... I know, it's only 11! Maybe today has just been so long awaited that I've been worn out. Or not and I'm just lazy. Hmm. Either way I'll probably be passing out quite soon and am slowlyyy losing my focus on blogging. I really wanted to talk about the PHOCUS meeting I went to but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow. Maybe it was the orange tea I just drank but my brain is like BYEEEEEEE TIME FOR SLEEEEPPP. I shall follow my brain and go to sleep (IN MY REAL BED!) Nighty nighttt.

I just got REALLY excited because I get to make my original home style oats in my kitchen! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.