Sunday, March 15, 2009

I would totally go again!

All eyes on me in the center of the ring
just like a circus
when I crack that whip, everybody gonna trip
just like a circus
don't stand there watching me
follow me, show me what you can do
everybody let go, we can make a dance floor
just like a circus

Ah Britney, you never fail to be able to completely sum up my life. OK perhaps not exactly but yes, I DID in fact go to the circus today and I blatantly admit...

I LOVED IT! It was so much more than what I was expecting. After more than seven years usually you kind of forget what the whole experience is like. Let me tell you, it was nothing like I remembered from my childhood; on the contrary, it was better! It seemed that while it was definitely still directed mainly at a kids audience at the same time it had that "wow" factor that made it appealing to all ages in general. Some changes I happened to notice:

  • A live band that providing awesome music during the entire performance

  • More focus on the acrobatics

  • Less stereotypical clowns, I swear that they weren't scary at all!

  • A dance number! A couple of them actually!

  • The elaborate effects for sure. The lighting was phenomenal, as were the use of props and the close mechanics that went into accomplishing such things. Haha, the kind of stuff you don't tend to realize as a kid!

  • And the best change?? THIS GUY WAS THE RINGMASTER.

His name is Alex, he was extravagant, extremely talented (AND HOT) and his pants were form fitting. I think that's enough in itself. People don't really know this about me but I have a HUGE thing for magicians. Seriously, even as a little girl I was completely fascinated by them (and maybe they were even what started my interest in boys perhaps?) All in all, the circus far surpassed my expectations and just reminded me that every child (or adult) should get to go to a real circus and experience it's amazingness!

Grapes, listen to me acting like a huge promoter for Ringling Brothers. They should hire me I think! Ohhhhhhh, speaking of hiring, now I can type a tiny summary about PHOCUS and my hopes for the future. Ahem, OK so first of PHOCUS stands for

Peer Health On Campus Unites Students

Catchy I know! Anywayyys, PHOCUS basically sets out to inform/educate students on campus (and anywhere in general for that matter) about health issues associated with college; instances of this include alcohol responsibility, nutrition/wellness, smoking risks, etc. etc. etc. This also includes moving in a week early to help out with the incoming freshmen. As a member of PHOCUS, you offer your ear/help to the freshmen if they need it, perform skits demonstrating different situations and I think discussion groups are included as well.

To be a part of PHOCUS, in my opinion, is to become an advocate to a healthy life; this is basically the biggest reason of all that I want so badly to become involved. God only knows that I've had experience enough in the ways of NOT living a healthy live and I feel like being part of this would help me immensely on the road to overcoming ED and the other negative minions. I know that my opinions would be valued if I make it through the interviews (yes, there are interviews). This would be embracing a new found value that I hold so dearly to my heart and I wish nothing more than to help others to be healthy as well. And yes, it does help that you also get paid for it and get to attend a retreat during the summer in which you become Baccus Gamma Peer Certified! I don't want to sound crazily dramatic/jinx myself by saying this but part of me feels like PHOCUS is meant to be. I just hope they think the same thing. Fingers crossed everyone!

That wasn't exactly a small summary of what I wanted to say; it was more like an extremely detailed explanation of PHOCUS and everything it's about. At least it was well presented!

My car is in the shop still so I think I might end up just kind of LOL-ing around the house tomorrow until I figure out something to do. Bleh, there is always homework of course. Yeahhh I don't think I'm going to think about that right now but instead will head back over to and add more adorably cheap cosmetic things to my cart to buy! Nighty night everyone, sleep tight <3>