Monday, March 16, 2009 aren't they all the same? Shinyyyy plastic.

First and foremost, HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!

I hope everyone went forth and drank some green beer, ate some green bagels and just embraced their inner Irish (despite whether you have inner Irish or not!) I wanted to go to the parade in NYC but alas, no prevail. Instead, as I had predicted, I basically lalala-ed around the house accomplishing not too much. Er, can't seem to find the remote for my TV in the basement... where the eff could it have gone?!? Haha, I always manage to lose things and have no clue where they managed to run away to. Maybe I accidentally ate it in my sleep. Oooops.

Moving on from my possible consumption of an electronic device, tomorrow should prove to be more interesting. Because my dear Penelope/El Buddy Honda is still in the shop I've been basically useless when attempting to accomplish things that are beyond the radius of my house. Howeverrrr, Chubby said he would drive my mom to work tomorrow and leave the Dingo in my possession for the day. I told them I didn't really need to go anywhere specifically but I mean if the car is just sitting here......................just sitting there it shall not do! I'm thinking a nice solo shopping day may be in order. This meaning I'll probably hit up the supermarket/Trader Joes, Wachovia, Walgreens, the mall, maybe Target and the NEW Whole Foods if it's open (which would make my LIFE!) I probably should make a list though, if not there will surely be some overspending on my part! Especially considering that I plan on buying a bathing suit, makeup and a nutrition book all off the internet sometime this week. Need to keep my moneys in check!

Was there a PUN in there somewhere?


This will be in preparation for our trip to NYC tomorrow night. It may just be my mom and I but we're supposed to go in and have dinner at Beth's new restaurant! The fact that it's up and running is super exciting and HELLO, any New York City trip is enough for me! Gives me a reason to get dressed up (sort of) and feel all NYC chic-ish... and spend time with my mommmyyyyy of course! I do wish I hadn't "broken" my camera though, I would LOVE to take some lovely pictures of the new restaurant for prosperity purposes! Ooooooooh well.

Let me indulge y'all in my foodie choices of recently... I've been trying, really I have. I'm not getting into details but I've kind of fallen back into some particularly bad habits endorsed by ED. The whole mindset of remembering that calories = NOT BAD is still very hard to get used to. No details though, save the nasty stuff for zee pen and paper.

Brighter news though (BESIDES the fact that my count is at 6 weeks now!!!!), I bought a container of vanilla Chobani and am VERY excited to see how it tastes. I figured it was about time considering the fact that I see them all over the food blogs; it's time for me to lose my Chobani virginity! Not sure what I'm going to eat with it though, I have no granola and nothing that seems too add worthy. Guess I'll have to mess around in the kitchen until I find something. Shouldn't be a problem considering my niece said she was going to wake me up at 6:30 AM. BAH, it's almost 11:30 PM! I mean granted I love making breakfast for her (I may attempt pancakes of some sort) but still, booooooooo child, I love my sleeeeeeep!

"I would still very much like a green bagel by the by!"

Says the little Irish lass making the dumb face =)


Kat said...

cutieirish! :) haha whats a chobani?

KeriBop said...

Chobani is a rather expensive brand of greek yogurt that is ridiculously good for you! 16 grams of protein in one servinggggg! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!