Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chobaniiiiiiiiiiii review but I STILL can't properly name drop!

It's actually still pretty early but I feel the need to let everyone know how my Chobani experience was, especially considering Michelle over at (GAH why can't I figure out how to link things properly??) just recently posted about her own Chobani tasting!

It was a nice change to have something cold compared to my usual elaborate oats. I didn't realized it but there's A LOT of yogurt in that container; it seemed never-ending! I ended up throwing that in a bowl with 1/4 of a boonana from yesterday, a bunch of strawberries (that I paid $2.50 for yesterday... grumble grumble) , and 2 tbsp wheat germ that I finally remembered to buy!

Overall, it gets a thumbs up from meee! I was trying to explain to my mom the taste difference but just couldn't. The Chobani has a much thicker texture than normal style yogurt which I think adds to the "fullness" factor. After eating that I definitely felt full and content, in a good way mind you. That was around 8:30 and it's almost noon and it's holding me over quite well! I never thought I would actually be saying this but it was definitely worth the 120 calories! I think I'm definitely acquiring a love for greek yogurt, although in retrospect I'll still continue to buy my Light & Fits, as well as my Yoplaits because I'm a poor college child. I most certainly buy it again... orrrrr I'll continue to check the blogs and test out the others first!

Oh hai... can we check this off as a.....


I think that's certainly an appropriate word! Small steps right? It's progress I think. A tad bittersweet considering I went, sigh, bathing suit shopping with the mom and I think that speaks for itself. Trying to not let it bother me that much, probably because I'm preoccupying myself with other things so I don't have time to think about it. Being positive, thinking positive and ED will eventually fall back asleep for a while. Gooodddddnighttttttt.

I'm getting more of my hair chopped off today to follow my new hair color (which ended up becoming a job for THREE boxes of hair dye) so I need to roam around the internet and hopefully find something I like! Until later <3