Monday, December 29, 2008

Hair today, fabulous tomorrow!

Can I just point out that my little KeriBop blobby is tots ready for New Years! I've decided that he's kind of like Meatwad, except for the lack of teeth...or, um, toof! He's still quite adorable though.....j'aime beaucoup! Yes, I do speak french sometimes when I don't realize it.

I'm SUPER excited right now because I'm going to get my haircut tomorrow FINALLY and my lovely best friend Chuckles actually wants to go to the early morning appointment with meeeee! Yaaaay for not being alone! Actually now that I think about it, it's going to be a very Chuckles and Puff (my nickname) sort of day tomorrow! At like 5 tomorrow evening we're going to NYC to a bar to see her boyfriend's band play. I'm happy to finally be meeting this guy; I've heard good things about him and want to meet the man who is in a relationship with my biffle.

Wow, saying "biffle" is extremely lame. Like a lot more lame than I imagined. Ew. LAWL.

I guess I'll be posting something more tomorrow.... wish me luck that my hair will come out SEXXAY!

Friday, December 26, 2008

So I've fallen off the boat... do I want to get back on?

Boy howdie now I remember how much I suck at keeping up with my blogging; Christmas has come and gone like WHOOSH!

Er, now that I'm here I'm not really sure what to write! Bwahahahaha. Well, let's talk about Christmas then. I really wasn't expecting a barrel full of monkeys or anything to be honest. Tensions have been very high in my household I was thinking fighting, yelling, crying and basically the works. However, I've realized that Christmas really is the one day when everyone is forced to turn a blind eye to real problems. Partying with the relatives was definitely what was needed I think. Now I know how everyone says that their families are crazy and mine is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTION. In a nutshell there was meowing, caroling, talk of dropping acid, TONS of food and just pretty relaxing stuff for the most part. That's why it's Christmas though, next day was back to the same ole' junk that is life.

So I've decided that I need to go back to therapy for real this time. I don't feel like really explaining the entire story in all it's crappy splendor but what happened was that I didn't go to a party (because of FAMILY issues ironically enough) and the next morning I had HORRIBLY MEAN things written on my Facebook wall. It was so incredibly awful I can't even tell you... it said that I had a tendency to "screw over my friends". Needless to say, I lost it. Full fledged panic mood and as it was happening I thought to myself, "Hey, this isn't exactly normal". How do I know it wasn't normal?

I punched a wall like a fucking CRAZY PERSON and scared the living shit out of myself.

I did this because I was in that mode of trying not to break my day count and thought that maybe doing that would not be as bad. Obviously I'm nowhere near what one would call smart, it's in the same family for God sakes. So I left a mark in the wall (which I lied about and said the vacuum clearner did it) and then ended up breaking my damn day count anyway! Cripes, that means I have been completely unable to go a week without breaking it; at least I know it's not just from being at Rider. Now I'm in the works of Googling some sort of therapist near me so I can at least get some sort of consoltation or something.

Never a dull moment eh? I suck sometimes.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I would like a pet Meatwad please.

Before I even begin can I just say how much I LOVE Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force? I'm currently watching it and every time he comes on the screen I go, "AWWWWWWWW" or make some other sort of crazy noise. He's just SO CUTE with his one tooth and adorable voice! OH MY GOD he just put a wig on and was like, "DO I LOOK PROFESSIONAL!?!?!"


Random but I felt the absolute need to share that information. On to more imporant matters though, the events and general craziness that was The Green Onion yesterday. I ended up working from 10AM to 11:30PM and for the most part, it was basically awesome stuff but still INSANE. Let me just name a few things that happened in that 13 1/2 hour span:
  • I acquired 12 cuts total on both my hands; they hurt, a lot.
  • I realized that when I worked on Wednesday I was working with DAVE. Backstory.... I worked with Dave a couple years ago and we got along really well, so much so that I developed a crush on him. The reason I didn't know it was him on Wednesday is because his brother, Dan, works at the Onion as well and they look exactly alike. The one thing that tipped me off was that we kept making eye contact and that NEVER happens with anyone else otherwise..... he's SUPER HOT so I can only hope that he remembered me =)
  • One of our temp staff members couldn't come to work because he got put in jail. LOL.
  • One of the bosses punched a hole in the wall; fuck Comcast!
  • The head chef ended up fixing all the AV problems (including the Comcast!)
  • The same boss that punched the wall ended up going to sleep in his apartment only an hour after the second party started; he never did come back down!
  • The bartender had a "confrontation" with one of the waitresses
  • This was because he saw her with double vodka and cranberry... while she was working. Whooooops.
  • She started to cry and had to be calmed down by the other boss
  • The other boss has basically taken complete charge of the restaurant in general
  • I ate my Larabar (while I was doing laundry!) and it was AMAZING. I can see why it's regarded so highly all over the blog world!
  • I'm pretty sure I didn't take a break the entire time; I essentially worked for 13 straight hours without stopping
  • The head chef constantly mocked hole-punching-boss; he called him "chef-in-a-can" every five minutes and whenever he imitated him he used a gay accent
  • He then told us a story about a scary German pastry chef he worked with. Apparently when head chef would ask scary German for a pastry bag he would say, "Fuck you! You don't know how to use it!" So head chef would be like, "Well, the executive chef wants me to use it" and scary German would reply, "Fuck him! He's an asshole! HE doesn't know how to use it either!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It was amazing.

That was just a few things that came about. It's so weird now that I think about it. When I got home last night I was EXHAUSTED; my back was hurting, I was ache-y all over and just feeling icky. However, I had a GOOD day. It was super busy the entire time and there was actually never a moment of standing still, hence not having a break! That's the kind of stuff I ADORE though... being busy is one of the best feelings in the world! As of now though the Onion is going to be slow for a while when it comes to parties so I'm back to waiting..... boo. It was a short time but incredibly fun none-the-less!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yay work, yay name dropping and YAY LARABAR!!

So my ass is FINALLY back to work. Yes yes, the Green Onion Catering House has decided that even though I've been gone for three months they still want me to work there! It's definitely an "AWWW" worthy thing in my opinion; even if I do happen to complain about it, the Green Onion is essentially my second home. Of course Rider is my second home but the Onion was my FIRST second home. My employment at that place has added up to about five years and I just love everything about that place. It could be part of the fact that I feel like I truly KNOW all the nooks and crannies and I've been a "usual" there for God knows how long. It doesn't hurt that I make ten dollars an hour there as well.

OK so this isn't our logo but we ARE the Green Onion Catering House and YOU should have your next party/event there. Oh boy, shameless self promotion.... they've taught me well =)

Remember when I posted that HE called me and left the mean text messages? Well, he called AGAIN last night.... and I answered.

I'm STILL analyzing the conversation we had. He said to me that he didn't understand why I did what did, I told him that I didn't expect him to understand and I apologized. I HATE that I hurt him so badly because I can't even begin to explain how much I cared about him. At one point I said how much I missed just having conversations with him about stuff going on in our lives and he said that maybe someday we could be like that again. The fact that he said that caused me to echo what he said, "Someday". It was kind of like it was out of a movie or something. However, there was something he said that had more of an impact on me. Before we finally hung up he said, "If you really don't have anyone else to talk to you can always call me". I legit started to cry when he said that; it was a reminder of just one of the many reasons that I fell in love with him in the first place. The fact that even after all the bullshit that I've put him through and I think he still does care about me.... it breaks my heart. I ended up not sleeping last night because I couldn't get the conversation out of my mind. To an extent the fact that "we're OK" has put an ease to my mind though and I'm actually REALLY glad that I talked to him.

In other news I went shopping with Cate, my sister (LOOK! NAME DROPPING!) and I think I've finished getting all the Christmas presents together for the family except for one or two things. OK that's kind of a lie, I have yet to buy anything for my Chuckles BFF and she is a MAIN priority so I have to get that done!

I guess I'll vacate the premise, tomorrow I have to be at the Onion by 10 in the morning and because there's two parties I'll probably be there until at LEAST 10 at night. I'm really excited to have a nice jam-packed day and I'll get to make some yummy early morning oats AND get to eat an elusive LARABAR for the first time! Yes, I finally found them hiding in Harmons and HAD to buy one! Yaaaaay!

I'll blog tomorrow night and let y'all know how my BUSYDAY went!

Oh and today is DAY 5

Monday, December 15, 2008


Afternoon everyone. I'm bored so I decided to blog, I took Max out for a walk and realized it's waaay too warm out to be 10 days until Christmas. Seriously, I'll bet it is at least 65 degrees outside; definitely gross. I'm a cold weather kind of girl, chill factor = nice factor! Wow, that looks a lot lamer than I thought it to be.

My sister is coming over for lunch in about an hour and then at 5 we're going to my other sister's apartment to play Rock Band; as you can tell I don't believe in the specifics of names unless it's the dog apparently. Now I'm just wasting time when I could probably be doing something productive. Like, oh I don't know, studying French or unpacking all my stuff or buying Christmas presents or depositing my money or calling my boss.... but no, I'm sitting here feeling kind of hungry and blogging. Procrastination, thou slays me.

I ate my morning oatmeal as usual and can't help but be a little annoyed that I'm hungry again. I forgot to take a picture of it again but it consisted of 1/2 cup oats, 2 tbsp soy milk, 2/3 water, 1 tbsp wheat germ (I'm officially a fan of it), 1 tbsp sliced almonds, 1 tbsp peanut butter and some cinnamon. It was rather NOM worthy... hooraaay for oatmeal.

I guess I'll go read the newspaper whilst I wait for 2 o'clock to roll around..... although I did find the techno version of Kanye West's new song and it's quite fabulous!


That was a post from earlier, just thought I would clarify! The sister visit went pretty well, we played Rock Band for a good hour and she seems to be doing alright; hopefully it will continue. Now I'm just sitting here making ringtones and figuring out exactly what I have to buy tomorrow..... cripes, tis' shopping day!
LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL. That's the truth right there =)
DAY 3 by the by

Sunday, December 14, 2008

KeriBop likes to run, who would've thought!

Meh, I know I need to be a logger-blogger whether I feel like it or not. I am a tired buggy for no apparent reason.

Last night he called, at 5:30 in the morning mind you, and I didn't answer yet again. I did sleep through it however so techincally it wasn't ignored on purpose. About 5 minutes later I got a text message that said some things that weren't exactly nice to say the least. There's no need to repeat the things that were said but he did call me awful. I'm not really in the mood to tell his story and everything that has happened concerning him. All I will say is that Edi told me I should call him but I'm SO AFRAID to. Where would I even begin? Would I apologize immensely? Would I admit it was all my fault? There's a lot of questions concerning it, I think I just need more time to think about it. Cripes.

I ran outside today for the first time since the summer and I forgot how truly lovely it is! (Trying to change the topic to something not completely sucky, can't you tell?)

I managed to jog/run for about 2.5 miles; that's how far I usually go when on a treadmill so I wasn't surprised. It felt really good running against the bitter cold though, it's pretty crucial KeriBop alone time and apparently I managed to burn over 300 calories. Thank Merlin I finally warmed up to the idea of running, took me long enough!

In case anyone is wondering I DIDN'T skip yesterday's blog, on the contrary, I have that blog typed up and sitting in my laptop just waiting to be published. It would be a tad weird to post a blog 2 days late so maybe I'll just leave that one as a mystery; there really wasn't anything to important written there anyway. The only thing was that I had to start my count all over again...... hmph. So today marks:

Day 2

Lost my willpower to say the least; I'd rather not go into it actually. I'm going to have to just resume and try to not screw up again!

Lastly random bit, my sister and I shopped, I bought nothing, she bought a bunch of stuff and we put up the treeeeeee today!
I heart it immensely! We're the kind of family that just accumulates ridiculous amounts of random ornaments every year so there is no set theme to our tree, ever. Personally I think it better suits us, we're a rather, er, interesting bunch so it works.
That's all I believe. I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow and make a vague attempt to do some solo Christmas shopping while still in a sort of incognito mode; my friends here have yet to have been notified of my home existence. Screwed up of me, I'm aware. I WILL make the friend rounds and revert to my remotely social stuff once I relax around a bit, it's not like I don't have a month to waste or anything!

Friday, December 12, 2008

This one will last!

If I didn't know any better, I would say that I am the QUEEN of started random blogs and then completely deserting them. Well alright, that's entirely true. To the best of my knowledge there has been maybe 4 different blogs that have lasted no longer than a year.

Why am I a blog hopper you might ask? I've come to realize that I have this bad habit of posting, er, posts on a blog that are just TOO depressing/self loathing to continue with. There seems to be this inability to keep my sad-sacky-ness to one location. I'll end up rereading it and think to myself, "I don't want people I know to read this!" So delete button ahoy and here I am; another new blog to shock the masses!

I have a feeling this one is going to last longer, I can feeeeel it! That and the fact that my counselor actually kind of insinuated that I try to be consistent with my writing shenanigans. She asked me to keep a day count so it has to be something of a priority that I at least remotely try to not be lame about it.

Now normally when I start a blog I write a few facts about myself to introduce myself. Yeah no I'm not doing that this time. I reckon that if my information happens to be brought up then that's chill; I'll tackle the topics about my life as they come about.

Day 7 if I'm not mistaken.

I'm just picking up from my guesstimation; not very good with time management.

I think the first official blog is informative enough for now. Until tomorrow!

Just one fact to take with you. This is one of the many things that make me happy................Geoffrey Paris <3