Sunday, December 14, 2008

KeriBop likes to run, who would've thought!

Meh, I know I need to be a logger-blogger whether I feel like it or not. I am a tired buggy for no apparent reason.

Last night he called, at 5:30 in the morning mind you, and I didn't answer yet again. I did sleep through it however so techincally it wasn't ignored on purpose. About 5 minutes later I got a text message that said some things that weren't exactly nice to say the least. There's no need to repeat the things that were said but he did call me awful. I'm not really in the mood to tell his story and everything that has happened concerning him. All I will say is that Edi told me I should call him but I'm SO AFRAID to. Where would I even begin? Would I apologize immensely? Would I admit it was all my fault? There's a lot of questions concerning it, I think I just need more time to think about it. Cripes.

I ran outside today for the first time since the summer and I forgot how truly lovely it is! (Trying to change the topic to something not completely sucky, can't you tell?)

I managed to jog/run for about 2.5 miles; that's how far I usually go when on a treadmill so I wasn't surprised. It felt really good running against the bitter cold though, it's pretty crucial KeriBop alone time and apparently I managed to burn over 300 calories. Thank Merlin I finally warmed up to the idea of running, took me long enough!

In case anyone is wondering I DIDN'T skip yesterday's blog, on the contrary, I have that blog typed up and sitting in my laptop just waiting to be published. It would be a tad weird to post a blog 2 days late so maybe I'll just leave that one as a mystery; there really wasn't anything to important written there anyway. The only thing was that I had to start my count all over again...... hmph. So today marks:

Day 2

Lost my willpower to say the least; I'd rather not go into it actually. I'm going to have to just resume and try to not screw up again!

Lastly random bit, my sister and I shopped, I bought nothing, she bought a bunch of stuff and we put up the treeeeeee today!
I heart it immensely! We're the kind of family that just accumulates ridiculous amounts of random ornaments every year so there is no set theme to our tree, ever. Personally I think it better suits us, we're a rather, er, interesting bunch so it works.
That's all I believe. I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow and make a vague attempt to do some solo Christmas shopping while still in a sort of incognito mode; my friends here have yet to have been notified of my home existence. Screwed up of me, I'm aware. I WILL make the friend rounds and revert to my remotely social stuff once I relax around a bit, it's not like I don't have a month to waste or anything!