Friday, December 19, 2008

I would like a pet Meatwad please.

Before I even begin can I just say how much I LOVE Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force? I'm currently watching it and every time he comes on the screen I go, "AWWWWWWWW" or make some other sort of crazy noise. He's just SO CUTE with his one tooth and adorable voice! OH MY GOD he just put a wig on and was like, "DO I LOOK PROFESSIONAL!?!?!"


Random but I felt the absolute need to share that information. On to more imporant matters though, the events and general craziness that was The Green Onion yesterday. I ended up working from 10AM to 11:30PM and for the most part, it was basically awesome stuff but still INSANE. Let me just name a few things that happened in that 13 1/2 hour span:
  • I acquired 12 cuts total on both my hands; they hurt, a lot.
  • I realized that when I worked on Wednesday I was working with DAVE. Backstory.... I worked with Dave a couple years ago and we got along really well, so much so that I developed a crush on him. The reason I didn't know it was him on Wednesday is because his brother, Dan, works at the Onion as well and they look exactly alike. The one thing that tipped me off was that we kept making eye contact and that NEVER happens with anyone else otherwise..... he's SUPER HOT so I can only hope that he remembered me =)
  • One of our temp staff members couldn't come to work because he got put in jail. LOL.
  • One of the bosses punched a hole in the wall; fuck Comcast!
  • The head chef ended up fixing all the AV problems (including the Comcast!)
  • The same boss that punched the wall ended up going to sleep in his apartment only an hour after the second party started; he never did come back down!
  • The bartender had a "confrontation" with one of the waitresses
  • This was because he saw her with double vodka and cranberry... while she was working. Whooooops.
  • She started to cry and had to be calmed down by the other boss
  • The other boss has basically taken complete charge of the restaurant in general
  • I ate my Larabar (while I was doing laundry!) and it was AMAZING. I can see why it's regarded so highly all over the blog world!
  • I'm pretty sure I didn't take a break the entire time; I essentially worked for 13 straight hours without stopping
  • The head chef constantly mocked hole-punching-boss; he called him "chef-in-a-can" every five minutes and whenever he imitated him he used a gay accent
  • He then told us a story about a scary German pastry chef he worked with. Apparently when head chef would ask scary German for a pastry bag he would say, "Fuck you! You don't know how to use it!" So head chef would be like, "Well, the executive chef wants me to use it" and scary German would reply, "Fuck him! He's an asshole! HE doesn't know how to use it either!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It was amazing.

That was just a few things that came about. It's so weird now that I think about it. When I got home last night I was EXHAUSTED; my back was hurting, I was ache-y all over and just feeling icky. However, I had a GOOD day. It was super busy the entire time and there was actually never a moment of standing still, hence not having a break! That's the kind of stuff I ADORE though... being busy is one of the best feelings in the world! As of now though the Onion is going to be slow for a while when it comes to parties so I'm back to waiting..... boo. It was a short time but incredibly fun none-the-less!