Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yay work, yay name dropping and YAY LARABAR!!

So my ass is FINALLY back to work. Yes yes, the Green Onion Catering House has decided that even though I've been gone for three months they still want me to work there! It's definitely an "AWWW" worthy thing in my opinion; even if I do happen to complain about it, the Green Onion is essentially my second home. Of course Rider is my second home but the Onion was my FIRST second home. My employment at that place has added up to about five years and I just love everything about that place. It could be part of the fact that I feel like I truly KNOW all the nooks and crannies and I've been a "usual" there for God knows how long. It doesn't hurt that I make ten dollars an hour there as well.

OK so this isn't our logo but we ARE the Green Onion Catering House and YOU should have your next party/event there. Oh boy, shameless self promotion.... they've taught me well =)

Remember when I posted that HE called me and left the mean text messages? Well, he called AGAIN last night.... and I answered.

I'm STILL analyzing the conversation we had. He said to me that he didn't understand why I did what did, I told him that I didn't expect him to understand and I apologized. I HATE that I hurt him so badly because I can't even begin to explain how much I cared about him. At one point I said how much I missed just having conversations with him about stuff going on in our lives and he said that maybe someday we could be like that again. The fact that he said that caused me to echo what he said, "Someday". It was kind of like it was out of a movie or something. However, there was something he said that had more of an impact on me. Before we finally hung up he said, "If you really don't have anyone else to talk to you can always call me". I legit started to cry when he said that; it was a reminder of just one of the many reasons that I fell in love with him in the first place. The fact that even after all the bullshit that I've put him through and I think he still does care about me.... it breaks my heart. I ended up not sleeping last night because I couldn't get the conversation out of my mind. To an extent the fact that "we're OK" has put an ease to my mind though and I'm actually REALLY glad that I talked to him.

In other news I went shopping with Cate, my sister (LOOK! NAME DROPPING!) and I think I've finished getting all the Christmas presents together for the family except for one or two things. OK that's kind of a lie, I have yet to buy anything for my Chuckles BFF and she is a MAIN priority so I have to get that done!

I guess I'll vacate the premise, tomorrow I have to be at the Onion by 10 in the morning and because there's two parties I'll probably be there until at LEAST 10 at night. I'm really excited to have a nice jam-packed day and I'll get to make some yummy early morning oats AND get to eat an elusive LARABAR for the first time! Yes, I finally found them hiding in Harmons and HAD to buy one! Yaaaaay!

I'll blog tomorrow night and let y'all know how my BUSYDAY went!

Oh and today is DAY 5