Monday, December 29, 2008

Hair today, fabulous tomorrow!

Can I just point out that my little KeriBop blobby is tots ready for New Years! I've decided that he's kind of like Meatwad, except for the lack of teeth...or, um, toof! He's still quite adorable though.....j'aime beaucoup! Yes, I do speak french sometimes when I don't realize it.

I'm SUPER excited right now because I'm going to get my haircut tomorrow FINALLY and my lovely best friend Chuckles actually wants to go to the early morning appointment with meeeee! Yaaaay for not being alone! Actually now that I think about it, it's going to be a very Chuckles and Puff (my nickname) sort of day tomorrow! At like 5 tomorrow evening we're going to NYC to a bar to see her boyfriend's band play. I'm happy to finally be meeting this guy; I've heard good things about him and want to meet the man who is in a relationship with my biffle.

Wow, saying "biffle" is extremely lame. Like a lot more lame than I imagined. Ew. LAWL.

I guess I'll be posting something more tomorrow.... wish me luck that my hair will come out SEXXAY!