Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time is runninggggg out

What better why to title a blog entry than with a Muse song!?! There are probably better ways but it speaks the truth donchakno. I have officially THREE days before I head back to my homeland that is Rider U. Nervous? Nah. Excited? You bet your face I am! Granted, this summer was a hell of a lot better than last summer (like I've said before) and even though I'm going to miss my family, the g-field crew and MAXWELL I can't help but I just love everything about Rider. That place has captured my heart =)

I think now is a good time to do that "looking back at summer '09" thing. This may be posted tomorrow, or even the next day, because my new laptop is going bonkers and I'm currently on the old one which has NONE of my summer pictures what-so-ever. I've got my fingers crossed that I don't lose everything on the new one... I don't think I could deal with that happening again!

My stories (or recaps, if you will) tend to become very long-winded for no apparent reason so I'll probably just use the bullets to list things that I remember as I go. Explanations will probably go along with them and hopefully pictures will be provided as well!

  • I went to Edgewater with Liz and Danielle and saw the amazing New York City skyline
  • We all decided that we're going to live in those apartments one day
  • I participated in an "HARRY POTTER MARATHON" which involved watching all of the first five HP movies and then proceeding to go the midnight opening of the NEW HP movie that same night. Slept maybe two hours at most? It was AWESOME though. HPFANHARDXCORE.
  • I actually saw a lot more movies than I expected to throughout the summer. These included Wolverine, Inglorious Basterds, The Hangover, District 9, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Angels and Demons, Bruno and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. There actually may have been more but either way, I'm pleasantly surprised with myself!
  • My social life, as a whole, was interesting to say the least. When I wanted to go out, I usually got to. Few new surprises this summer though to say the least.
  • By the above statement I mean that I went on my first date EVER (actually, this happened only two weeks ago) and that was something within itself. I had a really great time with the guy and it was a nice change for once. That's about as much as I can say on the topic... mainly because that's all there is to say. Haven't really spoken to him since so it's like, "Oh, OK, just a one time thing......." That's life though right? I'm just trying hard to be optimistic. Haha, boys make me nervousssss. :p
  • My relationship with running was taken to a whole new level. Despite the fact that I seemed to have ran a considerable amount, because of my constant injuries it was nowhere near the amount I wanted. Initially, I had wanted to train through all of June and complete my first 5K in the end of July. However, I must have been pushing myself too hard; my right calf/achilles tendon had other plans. I didn't run for TWO WEEKS which discouraged me to the point that I had basically forgotten about my newly developing love. The fact that I've been trying so hard to be healthy only to be kicked back down wasn't exactly encouraging.
  • Slowly but surely, the love is coming back. With my new compression socks and new Nikes, the love is growing again. I'm welcoming it with open arms and plan on continuing my "runner's madness!" =)
  • After getting bloodwork done I received the unfortunate news that I have an allergy to peanuts. (SIGH) Some sort of cruel, cruel fate decided that my FAVORITE FOOD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD was now to be my enemy. If I eat it, my legs go crazy with the itchies and painful red bumps.
  • If that's not enough, I also have slight allergies to wheat and soy as well. Cripes.
  • I decided that I was sick of being a redhead and wanted to go back to blonde... and blonde I certainly went. It's the slightest it's ever been in my life and I kind of love it. Haha.
  • Work was decent. It wasn't as plentiful as last summer but I managed to make a considerable amount of money. Naturally, I'm thankful for the Green Onion!
That's kindddd of my summer in a nutshell (BOO NUT JOKES AREN'T FUNNY ANYMORE).... for now anyway. I'm almost positive that other random memories will be creeping into my brain so until then!

Oh, and tomorrow there will definitely be pictures of the cake that I'm creating for my niece's birthday as well as a recap of my runs from the past few days. It's almost midnight so if I want to get up by 7:30 I need to hit the hay NOW!

Nighty nighty!


Court said...

Umm Hi, you totally left out the amazingness that was not one, but two cupcake and cocktail parties. Bitch.