Friday, August 21, 2009

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila....


Of course not! At this point in my life I definitely know what my drinking limitations are; I'll stay standing upright KTNX. But yes, I did have the pleasure of enjoying my favorite alcoholic beverage the other night. Tequila (da na na na na na na na!) is my poison of choice, despite the fact that it apparently gives people extremely bad hangovers; I have yet to get one. Teeheeeeeee. Actually, I've never been one to get hangovers, unless it Watermelon vodka. That got me once. Whoops!


Ahem, for the record... all above statements are completely false! I'm a good girl ;)

Work was a killer today but then again, what should I expect working in a kitchen without air conditioning of any kind? I should expect to be a very, very sweaty kitchen girl and that's EXACTLY what I was. 7 hours of nonstop dishing washing/tray making/anything else they needed me to do!

I had been wanting to wear my pedometer to work for some time now and finally remembered to today. Starting out at 8 AM and ending at about 3 PM I apparently traveled 5 miles collectively. Wow! I stand the entire time during work and am constantly going up othering and down stairs, as well as running from one side of the kitchen to the other. Granted, I wouldn't normally use this as my main source of exercise on most days but for today it's acceptable. My left ankle started bothering me yesterday so I decided to take yet another day off. So 5 miles at work? Not too shabby... although I MAY have eaten a homemade scone that our hostess made. :P



I would have taken a picture of my actual container but instead I INHALED it (with a bit of Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal!) Without a doubt, this is my new favorite Chobani flavor. As a full fledged lover of the wonderous pineapple, it's actually not surprising that I would have fallen so deeply in love with this.

There were very tiny slivers of pineapple in it and the actual pineapple flavor was a lovely balance to the greek yogurt. It was still tangy (as per usual) but still full of pineapple goodness. Unfortunately, the Chobani sale at Shoprite ends TODAY and I'm seriously considering making one more trip back there to stock up on whatever I can get.

Crazy for yogurt? Damn straight, and I'm proud =)

Oh, and apparently there some kind of problem when it comes to leaving comments for my posts. I'm in the works of trying to fix it but for now comments can be posted by clicking of the "0 comments" link and there should be some sort of indication on how to leave a comment from there. Complicated I know, I'll fix it though.... somehow.


Kat said...

Ooooh I really love that you taught me how to leave a comment effectively so I don't have to spam your facebook about blogthings.
Tequila? Keri? Never. :D

CHOBANIIIII. I'm eating a plain one with honey (i know, not so healthy) at the moment. i love greek yogurtt aaaghh.

5 miles at work? damn girl.