Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wrap up the year with some ole' fashioned pictures!

My post to celebrate the year that was 2009! Good things and some not-so-good things but lest we dwell on the bad and indulge the good with some awesome pictures! =D

2009, in a nutshell!

Tradition! My foot is the one with the open toe which is not the smartest choice when there is snow on the ground.... the show we went to see was, er, interesting but trips to Princeton and then random-ness in Burger King can't be beat!
Celebrated my 20th birthday with Rider shenanigans, cookie cake and lots of dancing!
Take us seriouslyyyyyy!

Road tripped to Pennsylvania to see my favorite gay and his popcorn machine. Hahaha.

2009 was definitely the year of Dr. Goldie. Some of the best moments of the year included: "How would you say it to your *whispers* gynocologist?", CAKE and the Cloisters! Just a few of the many things that makes me so so so so glad to be an English major.

I decided to give into my obsession and be Benjamin Franklin for Halloween! And I looked badass.

Thanks to Professor Naar, I discovered that I really do love art. Went to MoMA and saw AMAZING paintings with my own eyes!

It was my year as a member of PHOCUS! The Peer Institute, countless rehearsals and the performances were amazing experiences. Nothing but love.

Saw A LOT of these two ladies the entire year, including my first ska show (Streetlight Manifesto =AWESOME) A trip to Rutgers is always a fabulous experience!

During the summer the entire Rider crew traveled to Amelia's house in Toms River for a little reunion =D

Celebrated my roomie's 21st birthday! And look, we actually touched!