Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oikos, Queer As Folk and blogging in general!


Sometimes, I'm the worst blogger to ever exist ever. I remember this one time I made a promise to myself to blog at least once every two days and now it's been two weeks perhaps? Grapes. I'm awesome like that.

One bad thing about having these ridiculously long intervals is that all my life's happenings keep accumulating and there's so much to say that I never know where to begin! Maybe I'll do the little bullet point things to keep it organized; I'll be here all day otherwise!
  • 2 months has come and gone (and then some!) I'm extremely extremely extremely proud of myself for what I've accomplished and am going to keep fighting to go in the right direction!
  • ED associated things aren't exactly going spectacular though. I've decided that I will definitely be seeing a specialized therapist over the summer to help me. As much of an advocate I am for a healthy lifestyle and despite the knowledge I have concerning proper nutrition, my own advice is not easily taken. My sessions in counseling have been more focused on fixing certain aspects of my life and now that those things have been "taken care of" in a sense, I'm faced with ED; everything goes back to it. I'm not getting into detail but it's been on my mind more frequently than usual. I WANT to break out of all these horrible habits/rituals/ways of thinking so yep, I'm going back to therapy.
  • I tried my first OIKOS greek yogurt the other day! The verdict? I LOVED IT. I had the one with the honey on the bottom and it was seriously heavenly. I've never really had honey directly before so it was truly lovely to be introduced to it in a big ole' container of yougrt! It added a great sweetness to it and the strawberries I put in it went together perfectly! It was also super filling and despite my poor college-ness I would consider buying them more often, probably when I go back to work this summer (I'll have money to buy them!) It gets a major thumbs up from me and was worth the extra calories by far......So shove it ED! <3
  • I'm going home for Easter tomorrow and am quite excited about that because on Saturday we're having Easter Pie at Mamere's. This means that I get to see my family from my mom's side and those parties never fail to dissappoint; gotta love the crazy family dynamics.
  • Roomie and I finished the entire first season of Queer As Folk and we are ADDICTED TO IT. Back in high school I was kind of obsessed with Hal Sparks and had always wanted to watch the show but couldn't. My best friend from junior year bought me the first season and although I had it I STILL didn't watch it.
    HOWEVERRRR, when Hal Sparks decided to take a visit to the lovely Rider U the obsession was resparked (PUNNNNN!!!!). Yes, it's an amazing show and it may be graphic but it's LOVE. End of story.

I must cut this entry off for now... Dalys time! <3


Kat said...

Also! Kick ED in the FACE.
OIKOS? I'll have to try it! I didn't know they had ones with honey in them already?!?! AHHH!
i love that you call your g-ma "mamere" that is SO classy and adorable and i wish i had a mamere <3