Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don'ttttt stop, believinggggggg!

Hello hello! It's been a while (as per usual) but I've realized that probably not too many people are hanging on every word I say and anxiously await when I blog. Nope, nope. That's OK though, maybe someday.........


Moving on, I have a name for you: The Rhythm Shop. YouTube them, Google them, do whatever you want with them (that's what she said??) just take a look at the awesome-ness they possess! Yesterday night, my sister and her fiance went to NYC to check out a band that they were going to have at their wedding. My mom and I were invited to tag along and put in our own thoughts of what we thought of them. We arrive at this rehearsal studio (a half hour early, naturally) and were greeted by the guy in charge of the entire band and free glasses of wine; my sister's fiance used to work for him so he basically knew everybody who worked there. Talk about having connections!

This is turning into a long story. Long story short? The band was FABULOUS and coming from me that is the highest compliment I can possibly give to something. Comprised of a 10 piece band and 5 singers, The Rhythm Shop did covers of virtually every genre of music you could think of. This included Prince, The Black Eyed Peas, Swing Music, Latin, Bon Jovi (JERSEY REPRESENT!), Journey and so much more. They were a charismatic bunch and kept going into the audience which, in my opinion, made the whole thing a lot more enjoyable. We were in the front row so at one point the one guy started singing directly to me (which my sister found HILARIOUS) and at another point a guy with bangos started running around and getting people to play them as well. Although we only got to see about an hour of songs but after sitting there for 20 minutes all I wanted to do was get up and start dancing to the music! That just shows yoy how much fun it turned out to be. My sister said they were definitely going to have that band at the wedding and, well, knowing my family.... it's going to be a grand ole' time, that's for sure!

I'm a fan of them, in case no one managed to get the impression! This isn't much of a post but I want to keep this blog entirely positive because, unfortunately, I've been rather anti-positive lately. So for now, good music is all ya need! =)