Monday, July 6, 2009

Do NOT steal my sunshine KTHNX!

Whoa, how did it become almost midnight already? I don't remember the time fleeing from me so quickly, you know, with all those thingssss I've been doing all day. Ahem, LIES.

Lalalalala......... OK, yep, I'm finally back in my homeland (AKA Jerseyyy) and now I'm the woman of complete nothing-ness. It's been very uneventful few days since I've been back to say the least. I guess I'll have to try to keep myself as occupied as possible. There is ALWAYS something in my house that needs to be done.... it's the palace of messy and I am it's princess!

Backtrack for a momento if you will for VACATION! We were blessed with extremely beautiful weather the entire 10 days while in the south and the temperature always stayed above 90! Debbie's wedding turned out very well and everything came together when it was time. The dress looked fabulous on her (as did everyone else in the wedding party) and despite the small amount of people (45 if that many) the reception was a lot of fun and laughs! Not a lot of dancing unfortunately (boo!) but it all flowed together very well. The food was about as southern as you could get which makes sense because it was Georgia and everything! Delicious to say the least, although my favorite thing there were these amazing rolls that were like Challah but they were somehow BETTER. I don't know how they did it, all I know is that I ate two of them and was kicking myself afterward for not throwing some of them inside my purse for later. Other than my lack of roll-age, it was a fabulous time and the newlyweds seem very happy together! Yaaaay and that's all that matters.

The bride and the groom =)

Oh, you want me to describe how Myrtle Beach was?

How's THAT for a description? I'm in LOVE with Myrtle Beach, so much. Considering I've been going there since I was about 6 or 7, the beach has become a part of my personality I think. I really didn't want to leave and must have stood on our balcony for at least 10 minutes right before we left so I could say "GOODBYE" to the ocean. Lame perhaps, but the comforting effect that beach has on people can be pinpointed as the culperate for such behavior on my part. Sighhhh, I miss it already.
Honestly, how could you NOT love this?

That was what I got to look at all week..... and now I'm back to G-field, home of champions. The Onion basically has no use for me at the moment, I'm carless (again) and I'm a general boring lady. Tomorrow I blame on cleaning out the back porch which is just piles upon piles of STUFF that needs to be sorted through. That'll keep my day nice and busy for certain... maybe I'll find some new treasures out there if I'm lucky. LOL. I guess I should head to sleep... two days ago I went to sleep at 2:30 and didn't wake up until 3 in the afternoon. I need my early mornings, they make the day nice and long! Nighty night <3

ZOMG I forgot to mention something significantly important that has happened.........




Kat said...

YAY FOR EVERYTHING! Except the lack of rollage.