Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Trot recap! I DID IT!!!

Saturday, November 21, I successfully ran my very first 5K and feel the absolute need to recount exactly what happened in all it's glory.

Part of me is still buzzing with happiness from it and another part of me still can't believe it finally happened. After all this time, all the training and all the injuries, I ran and I effin' CONQUERED. I started officially training in June, got injured, stared re-training in September and here I am! 9:30 was the time to register and after I let Mandy take a picture of me, "You're first 5K! Awwwww!" she said to me in a mock-motherly voice.

When I arrived to register I was instantly brought to complete and utter nervousness, the only people that were there were part of the Rider Running Club. When my running obsession had first started, I contemplated joining up with them. However, one day on campus I saw them all running and they are FAST. To save myself the possible embarrassment I decided not to get ahead of myself. Although I knew that finishing was the main goal, my fears about my injuries suddenly kicking in began to get to me. These kids were FAST, we're talking less than 8 minute mile fast and maybe even less.

I was being a weenie and didn't to finish last but just kept reminding myself that just finishing at all is a big enough accomplishment in itself. 10 minutes before we started, Sam, Jen and Mandy were there and just kept telling me that this was what I had been working for. The reiterated what I had been telling myself, finishing was all that mattered. It was true, even if my leg gave out and I fell to the damn ground, I would've crawled through the finish line if I had to. I was determined beyond belief. Don't worry though, I didn't have to do that.

16 of us were running (my number being 12) and after a small introduction we were off. The course was easy to follow; we stayed within the campus the entire time so I always knew where I was. Once we started nearly everyone took off ahead of me but there were a couple people who seemed to be at the same pace as I was. My special playlist "TURKEY TROT!" blared in my ears the entire time, specially made the night before for maximum awesomeness. The miles honestly flew by, I kid you not!

Before I knew it, I was approaching the end. Maybe it was a combination of all the training I've been doing and the adrenline of the moment but my leg didn't hurt ONCE and I never really had the urge to slow down. I just kept concentrating on how my body was feeling and the music that was pushing me to continue going.

I had set up my playlist accordingly so that a song from the FAME soundtrack called "Hold Your Dreams" would be playing as I approached the end of the race. Once it came on, I lost all control of my speed and ran like I had never run in my life. Any pain, sweat or tiredness vanished completely; I'm pretty sure that may or may not have been my first runner's high ever. Sam had been sitting on the steps near the library, being my own little cheering sections. She jumped up and started yelling as I reached the finally stretch.

It was one of those times that I honestly think that fate was definitely on my side. I was running the final stretch while the most powerful part of the song was streaming into my ears. Beautiful instrumentals and the following lyrics,

"Hold your dream, don't ever let it go, be yourself and let the world take notice. You'll find strength when people bring you down, they will see, if you would only, only believe"

I hate to sound super cliche about it but it was one of those moments that you would get out a movie.

And then I crossed the finish line. I felt the tears form in my eyes and although I did want to cry, I actually didn't. I've never been more proud of myself than at that moment. I had finally beat the odds, beat ED, beat everything and everyone who thought I couldn't save myself. And I proved them all wrong. I was living proof that recovery IS possible. It was just an amazing moment.

I grabbed some of the free swag (Gatorade, granola bars, tiny waters and energy supplements) and then found out my time.
Holy shit.
I couldn't believe it. Back in June I was lucky enough to be running 11 minute miles and now? Now I could pump out 9:30 minute miles like they were NOTHING. It was unbelievable.
What has happened since then? I'm still running 5 days a week, slowly pushing myself a little bit more each day. Working my way back to 5 milers and am actually running ANOTHER 5K towards in December. Another thing to look forward to! And who knows, maybe sometime in the future I'll be training for a real marathon. How's that for an accomplishment? =D


Kat said...

I know I'm going to get all motherly and weird on you, but this honestly made me want to cry. I'm so proud of you. <3 <3 <3 Hold your dream babe <3

Jess said...

I really hope you're not freaked out by my stalking,... but this blog post is FANTASTIC. So inspiring!!

I'm angling to run a 5k in the spring and your blogs are just incredible., a total inspiration to me. Congrats on the achievement!!